Prudential remains true to the statement; “Our officers are as good as their training”. We have found that with comprehensive training and support, an officer’s ability to perform at optimal levels is increased tenfold.

Prudential Security prides itself on our comprehensive tailored hiring and training practices. Every employee goes through a rigorous background search both criminal and personal before being considered for employment. After eligibility has been determined the potential employee is matched with a location and then begins a thorough training program individually formulated for that location.

The entry level basic training will include:

  • Role of the Security Officer . Legal Issues
  • Human & Public Relations . Communications
  • Access Control . Patrol Techniques . Report Writing
  • Emergency Situations . Safety . Phone & Radio Etiquette
  • Appearance . General Security Officer Duties

The multiple levels of advanced training will include:

  • CPR/AED First Aid (American Red Cross)
  • Control & Restraint Techniques (TJA Use of Force Training)
  • Non Violent Crisis Intervention (Crisis Prevention Institute)
  • Haz Mat Awareness (OSHA)
  • Haz Mat Operations (OSHA)
  • Fire Prevention (OSHA)
  • Building Evacuation Training (In House)
  • Blood Bourne Pathogens (OSHA)
  • Bomb Threats


Experienced operation managers are the back bone of our organization. These individuals match an officer with a particular client. The dedication and professionalism displayed by our operation managers is second to none. They have been responsible for not only one of the highest client retention rates in the industry, but acquiring new clients through referrals.

Our operations managers are at their client’s disposal 24/7, 7 days a week. They actually partner with their client’s to achieve the most cost efficient security program for the organization’s needs. Supervision and support are key to implementing and insuring the success of any security program. We have found that by insisting on our supervisor’s high visibility and involvement with the officers, performance levels are at a much higher level than when an officer is left to their own accord.

Prudential operates a 24 hour command center. This enables a central command to handle any issues that may arise day or night. Having qualified individuals at the helm of this crucial nerve center has proved invaluable in dealing with the unexpected.

24 hour road supervision has been a preeminent factor in our success. Human nature prevails, through the use of staggering schedules of road supervision; we have maintained an officer performance level unseen in the security industry.

Hiring Practices

Prudential’s stringent hiring criteria have been very successful with distinguishing high quality officers from less than desirable individuals. Our clients deserve nothing less. Some of the methods we use are:

  • Appropriate State Background Check-applicants with prior misdemeanors, felonies, or active warrants are not considered for employment.
  • Applicant’s fingerprints are sent to the FBI for further clearance utilizing the new Identix process for quick results in 3-5 days.
  • Prudential employees participate in a screening program administered prior to employment, and randomly thereafter. We utilize a comprehensive 10 panel screen system
  • Former employment references
  • Personal references (10 years)

Employee Retention

Maintaining high quality staff with a low turnover rate is essential to any security operation. Our philosophy of partnering and building long term relationships would be impossible if our clients had a new “partner” every other week.

Prudential Security, Inc. prides ourselves on our employees, after all without them who are we. In our understanding of this we offer a wide array of the services, tools and benefits our employees need to be the best in the game. From motivating managers, high tech tools, superior training, health and vacation benefits: these all work to keep our employees happy, healthy and secure in themselves to do the best job possible for you, our customer.

Merit raises and incentives have been crucial in our retention of quality officers. By bucking the industry trend of elimination of benefits and lower pay rates, Prudential has been able to retain some of the areas foremost individuals.


Our experienced Security Consultants will provide you with an honest evaluation of your current security situation and suggest the best options to meet your needs.

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