February 2021

Arthur Smith

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for February 2021 - Arthur SmithDue to recent attempts of theft of goods during transport, Mr. Smith was assigned to oversee a delivery to a local store. As the driver was inside the location making his delivery, Smith remained outside with the vehicle and its contents. Shortly after entering the store, a suspect walked in and took three cases of top shelf product from the driver and fled the store. Smith watched as the subject ran down a nearby street, up a driveway and between houses. The police quickly responded and Smith was able to provide a photo of the suspect as well as the location he ran to. A short time later, and due to Smith's quick thinking and the information provided, the suspect was placed into custody with numerous charges pending.

January 2021

Jerald Davis Jr.

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for January 2021 - Jerald Davis Jr.In December of 2020, Jerald Davis Jr. made a quick decision that resulted in helping to save a life. An individual was brought into the main lobby of the facility having chest pain and difficulty breathing. Two employees began to provide first aid to the individual while Jerald called for EMS. However, EMS was slow to respond and the individual became unresponsive and barely breathing while waiting. Jerald and the two employees made a quick decision and gently placed her into the security patrol vehicle and drove her to the nearest hospital, while one of the employees continued to perform CPR. Jerald Davis Jr. was instrumental in helping to save this person’s life that day due to his quick reaction to get her into the vehicle and personally drive her to the hospital.

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