April 2019

Elaine Kennedy

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for April, 2019 - Elaine KennedyPictured right is our April Employee of the Month Elaine Kennedy and on the left is her Operations Manager Lorenzo Matthews. Ms. Kennedy is one of the most dedicated employees that we've ever had the pleasure of employing. She never calls off and goes above and beyond the call of duty. Elaine's current position is the supervisor of one of our major accounts. She is responsible for interviewing potential employees, training, and keeping the schedules together at her location. Elaine is a real team player, and if anyone is in need, she will do anything within her power to help them. This year on April 24th, 2019 marked her 18th year working for Prudential Security. That is remarkable and nearly unheard of in this industry. Overall Elaine is an excellent asset to our company, and we truly value her. That is why she is this months Employee of the Month! Congratulations, Elena, on receiving this prestigious award.

Phil Collins

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for April, 2019 - Phil CollinsPictured on the right is our April Employee of the Month Phil Collins and on the left is his Operations Manager Gerald Collins (no relation). Mr. Collins is a 15-year employee with Prudential Security and has always gone above & beyond the call of duty in any situation we have put him in.

Phil has been assigned to well over 50 accounts during his tenure with our company and has always professionally handled himself. He is one of those people who go anywhere, anytime and anyplace, never complaining and upholds our true Prudential philosophy which is we do "whatever it takes."

Congratulations Phil! Thank you for all the dedicated years of service and everything that you do.

March 2019

Elisha Hall, Junior

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for March, 2019 - Elisha Hall, JuniorPictured is our March 2019 Employee of the Month Elisha Hall, Junior. This award is especially unique because Mr. Hall is the son of our long-term Operations Manager, Elisha Hall, Senior, and Elisha Hall, Junior is following in his dad's footsteps.

His dad has enjoyed a career with the Prudential Management Team over a span of 30 years, and like his father, Elisha Hall, Junior started in the field as a security officer and is slowly climbing his way to the top. He has earned this prestigious award because of his dedication and commitment to Prudential, our customers, and employees, and because of his strong work ethic. His dad told us no matter where he sends him or what time it is or what his plans are, he goes to work and gives it his all.

Mr. Hall, congratulations on receiving this prestigious award. We are glad you are part of our family, and we look forward to working with you in building your career. Keep up the hard work!

February 2019

Robert Prowdley

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for February, 2019 - Robert ProwdleyPrudential Security is proud to acknowledge Robert Prowdley as our February 2019 Employee of the Month. Pictured left is Mr. Prowdley and on the right is his supervisor Taylor Masiewicz. Robert has been with the Prudential family for over five years and counting, and has been an essential part of our team handling numerous prestigious accounts on the west side of the state of Michigan. Robert is a very professional person and takes his position seriously and gives the utmost attention to details and clients expectations. Numerous Prudential clients have praised Robert with the service he provides them, and carrying on the Prudential credo of doing, "What Ever it Takes!" Thank you, Robert, for your continued efforts in making Prudential Security the Industry leader. Congratulations on receiving this prestigious award and keep up the great work.

January 2019

Robert Hull

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for January, 2019 - Robert HullPictured on the right is Robert Hull and on the left is his Operations Manager John Noblin presenting to Robert with our coveted Employee of The Month Award for January, 2019. Robert is a 10+ year veteran at Prudential Security and is one of our most valuable Special Assignment Officers (SAO). These officers get placed on some of the more challenging and prestigious accounts secured by Prudential Security. An SAO like Robert is usually the first officer at the account startup, and tasked with learning and conveying the specific duties and expected post orders to the team members assigned to the project.‎ Robert has received numerous acclimates from dozens of Prudential's valued customers and business associates for his extreme professionalism, a keen eye for detail, and for doing, "whatever it takes" to provide superior service. For your continued service of excellence, we commend you Robert and keep up the Great Work!

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