August 2021

Jon Sitto

Pictured in the middle, receiving the August 2021 Employee of the Month award, is Jon Sitto. On the left is Prudential’s Matthew Keywell and on the right is our customer who recommended Jon for the award because of his quick actions in deescalating a very delicate situation that was resolved with no issues. Jon thank you for your efforts and congratulations on receiving this prestigious award. We appreciate you.

June 2021

Yasir Gabara

Pictured left is Officer Yasir Gabara and on the right is Manager Jon Sitto. Yasir was able to keep a person, who was on the run from police, out of our clients buildings and assist the Police with information on the suspect. The suspect who used a stolen credit card at a nearby mall and was carrying large bags of merchandise attempted to enter the building. Yasir deemed the person suspicious and questioned the suspect. Yasir would not allow the person to enter and turned him off the property. Shortly after, the Police were on the property and the surrounding vicinity in search of the suspect. We received many compliments on Yasir – not just for this one act, but for his everyday awareness, the sense of safety he provides and his kindness. Congratulations, Yasir, on receiving the Employee of the Month Award!

April 2021

Glenn Kinsey

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for April 2021 - Glenn KinseyPictured left is Officer Glenn Kinsey and on the right is executive team member Manager Shannon Sawyer. Prudential Security is proud to congratulate Glenn Kinsey as one of our April 2021 Employees of the Month. Mr. Kinsey is a dedicated officer for a large account on the west side of the State of Michigan. Officer Kinsey is always hard at work, consistent, and goes beyond the required duties and expectations. Additionally, Officer Kinsey is reliable and always willing to cover shifts. Officer Kinsey has not only been committed to Prudential Security, but to his team of officers at his site, and will not hesitate to help out whenever needed. Prudential Security can’t say enough about Officer Kinsey, who is very flexible and always maintains a positive attitude. Congratulations Glenn on receiving this prestigious award. We appreciate you, your hard work, and dedication.

February 2021

Arthur Smith

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for February 2021 - Arthur SmithDue to recent attempts of theft of goods during transport, Mr. Smith was assigned to oversee a delivery to a local store. As the driver was inside the location making his delivery, Smith remained outside with the vehicle and its contents. Shortly after entering the store, a suspect walked in and took three cases of top shelf product from the driver and fled the store. Smith watched as the subject ran down a nearby street, up a driveway and between houses. The police quickly responded and Smith was able to provide a photo of the suspect as well as the location he ran to. A short time later, and due to Smith's quick thinking and the information provided, the suspect was placed into custody with numerous charges pending.

January 2021

Jerald Davis Jr.

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for January 2021 - Jerald Davis Jr.In December of 2020, Jerald Davis Jr. made a quick decision that resulted in helping to save a life. An individual was brought into the main lobby of the facility having chest pain and difficulty breathing. Two employees began to provide first aid to the individual while Jerald called for EMS. However, EMS was slow to respond and the individual became unresponsive and barely breathing while waiting. Jerald and the two employees made a quick decision and gently placed her into the security patrol vehicle and drove her to the nearest hospital, while one of the employees continued to perform CPR. Jerald Davis Jr. was instrumental in helping to save this person’s life that day due to his quick reaction to get her into the vehicle and personally drive her to the hospital.

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