December 2019

Tony Divito

Prudential Alarm & Security December Employee of the Month - Tony DivitoPictured right is our December Employee of the Month from our Alarm division Tony Divito and on the left is his supervisor, Jay Bassin. Tony is one of our highly skilled security technicians at Prudential Alarm. He continually goes above and beyond in ensuring the physical plant security for many of our premier accounts. Tony installs both mechanical and electronic security systems to ensure the safety of our clients' facilities and personnel. He rarely misses a day, is never late, and will do whatever job we need him to and whenever we need it. Tony, thank you for your work ethic. We appreciate you. Congratulations on receiving this prestigious award.

October 2019

John Obie

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for October, 2019 - John ObiePictured left is Officer John Obie, and on the right is Eli Hall, Mr. Obie's direct supervisor. Mr. Obie is the lead supervisor at one of Prudential's most prestigious medical locations for over a year. John earned this award by showing excellent leadership skills, his devotion to the job-site, and his position. He makes sure every officer has had the proper training and that the security staff remains in compliance. He is reliable, trustworthy, and has a work ethic second to none. Congratulations, John, on receiving this special award. You deserve it. Keep up the excellent work!

Robert Funderberg

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for October, 2019 - Robert FunderbergPictured is Robert Funderberg, whom we have chosen as Employee of the Month for October 2019. We selected Mr. Funderberg for this prestigious award because of his willingness to help out and work anywhere at any time and he's truly a team player. Robert will help train new officers when needed. Robert is very professional and does a great job at whatever job site we assign to him. Please join us in congratulating Robert on receiving the Employee of the Month for October 2019. Congratulations, Mr. Funderberg, and keep up the excellent work!

September 2019

Jansen Haynes

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for September, 2019 - Jansen HaynesPictured on left receiving the Prudential Security September Employee of Month award is Jansen Haynes, and on the right is his Operations Manager John Noblin. Jansen has been the Area Supervisor for the Toledo, Ohio branch area for Prudential Security ‎for nearly a decade, and has provided continuous outstanding service for all of Prudential's business partners and clientele. Jansen receives high praise from all of the customers he services and continually accumulates accolades for going above and beyond the vendor's expectations. We at Prudential applaud you Jansen and thank you for your many years of continued exemplary service. We continue to look forward to your continued success at Prudential Security and congratulate you on a job well done! Keep up the great work!

August 2019

Chris Jasper

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for August, 2019 - Chris JasperPictured on the right is August Employee of the Month Chris Jasper and to the left is Prudential's Quality Assurance Training Manager Terry Miller. Mr. Jasper has been with Prudential for a little over two years. In this short time that he has been with the company, he has exemplified everything we value here at Prudential. Always on time (never less than 15 minutes early), in the proper uniform, and performing the assignments given to him. He was recently promoted to Sgt and on numerous occasions, filled in as the Shift Supervisor. Chris exhibits a positive attitude daily when handed any assignments. Always quick to smile and even quicker to lend a hand; he is the type of employee you can count on to get the job done. Congratulations Chris, on being August 2019 Employee of the Month. Thank you for your service.

July 2019

Tristan Allen

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for July, 2019 - Tristan AllenPictured left receiving our Employee of the Month award for July 2019 is Tristan Allen. Mr. Allen started as a patrol officer at one of our prestigious accounts in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Mr. Allen has always gone above and beyond the duties of the job. Tristan comes in every time we train new officers, adjusts his schedule to meet the needs of the client at a moment's notice. He has demonstrated the ability to develop new officers in maintaining a safe workplace, mitigate issues within the work environment, plan, and execute special events. Tristan has shown that he is a servant leader and works with his fellow officers to bring out the best in them. Congratulations Tristan! We are proud to have you as our Employee of the Month. Keep up the great work!

June 2019

Carol Brown

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for June, 2019 - Carol BrownPictured here receiving Prudential's prestigious June Employee of the Month award is Carol Brown. Carol has been solving problems and developing security officers for Prudential Security for nearly seven years. Carol has been a real asset to the company, helping out at multiple sites for a vast array of services. Her dedication and loyalty to her job are genuinely extraordinary, and her leadership is second to none in our industry. Carol, congratulations, and thank you for your service.

May 2019

Dave Kramek

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for May, 2019 - Dave KramekPictured receiving our May 2019 Employee of the Month award is Dave Kramek who has been employed with Prudential Security for a little more than six years. In those six years, Dave has helped out numerous sites with his dedication to duty. About four years ago, he started working at one of our prestigious office buildings, where he enjoyed the working environment and the people there. Dave liked going to different office buildings and properties before, but when he worked there, he said he found a home and has been there ever since. Dave, Thank you for your dedication and commitment. We are proud to have you as an employee of Prudential Security.

Fawzi Qyed

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for May, 2019 - Fawzi QayedOften we in management ask ourselves, "What are the characteristics we look for in a security officer?" This past month I met Officer Fawzi Qayed and was taken aback. First and foremost, he takes his job serious. He arrives for work 15-20 minutes early, dressed and ready to assume his post. He seeks out the officer he's to relieve and takes note of the happenings on the previous shift. He checks in with the client, maintenance, and performs a complete tour of the area he's assigned to secure. Once at his post, he displays that friendly smile as he greets visitors and tenants alike. When issues arise, he keeps a level head as he performs each protocol assigned. In our business, he's an example of what we all should strive to be. Kind, courteous, and helpful. Customer service-oriented. For these and many other reasons, Mr. Qayed has received this prestigious award of being our May 2019 Officer of the Month. Thank you for your dedication and commitment, Mr. Qayed.

Loralyn Arndt

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for May, 2019 - Loralyn ArndtPrudential Security is proud to present its coveted Employee of The Month Award for May 2019 to Loralyn Arndt. Ms. Arndt has been an outstanding employee working at one of Prudential's premier Industrial accounts and has been providing the customer with excellent service for over five years. Her dedication to her site and following the Prudential credo to do "Whatever it takes" shows every day in her work performance. She is loved well by the clients and all employees that work at the facility. Without excellent workers like Loralyn, Prudential would not be at the top of the security industry. So from all of us Loralyn we applaud your efforts. Thank you for your continued service, and we hope you enjoy this award because you deserve it! Keep up the great work and congratulations!

Rich Gilles

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for May, 2019 - Rich GillesPictured right is our May Employee of the Month Rich Gilles and on the left is his Operations Manager Ryan Sheffey. Security Officer Rich Gilles serves as a supervisor over our maritime security operations. Rich is in charge of ensuring and enforcing United States Coast Guard Maritime Regulations to all of the docks we secure. Since the opening of the boating season, Rich has secured multiple docks that receive industrial cargo and passenger vessels. Rich recently played a vital role ensuring the Port of Detroit was capable and thriving as a passenger terminal for cruise lines traveling the Great Lakes. Also, Rich serves as a Patrol Supervisor at one of our more prestigious accounts. Rich brings great credit upon himself and Prudential Security Team. Thank you, Rich, keep up the Great work!

April 2019

Elaine Kennedy

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for April, 2019 - Elaine KennedyPictured right is our April Employee of the Month Elaine Kennedy and on the left is her Operations Manager Lorenzo Matthews. Ms. Kennedy is one of the most dedicated employees that we've ever had the pleasure of employing. She never calls off and goes above and beyond the call of duty. Elaine's current position is the supervisor of one of our major accounts. She is responsible for interviewing potential employees, training, and keeping the schedules together at her location. Elaine is a real team player, and if anyone is in need, she will do anything within her power to help them. This year on April 24th, 2019 marked her 18th year working for Prudential Security. That is remarkable and nearly unheard of in this industry. Overall Elaine is an excellent asset to our company, and we truly value her. That is why she is this months Employee of the Month! Congratulations, Elena, on receiving this prestigious award.

Phil Collins

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for April, 2019 - Phil CollinsPictured on the right is our April Employee of the Month Phil Collins and on the left is his Operations Manager Gerald Collins (no relation). Mr. Collins is a 15-year employee with Prudential Security and has always gone above & beyond the call of duty in any situation we have put him in.

Phil has been assigned to well over 50 accounts during his tenure with our company and has always professionally handled himself. He is one of those people who go anywhere, anytime and anyplace, never complaining and upholds our true Prudential philosophy which is we do "whatever it takes."

Congratulations Phil! Thank you for all the dedicated years of service and everything that you do.

March 2019

Elisha Hall, Junior

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for March, 2019 - Elisha Hall, JuniorPictured is our March 2019 Employee of the Month Elisha Hall, Junior. This award is especially unique because Mr. Hall is the son of our long-term Operations Manager, Elisha Hall, Senior, and Elisha Hall, Junior is following in his dad's footsteps.

His dad has enjoyed a career with the Prudential Management Team over a span of 30 years, and like his father, Elisha Hall, Junior started in the field as a security officer and is slowly climbing his way to the top. He has earned this prestigious award because of his dedication and commitment to Prudential, our customers, and employees, and because of his strong work ethic. His dad told us no matter where he sends him or what time it is or what his plans are, he goes to work and gives it his all.

Mr. Hall, congratulations on receiving this prestigious award. We are glad you are part of our family, and we look forward to working with you in building your career. Keep up the hard work!

February 2019

Robert Prowdley

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for February, 2019 - Robert ProwdleyPrudential Security is proud to acknowledge Robert Prowdley as our February 2019 Employee of the Month. Pictured left is Mr. Prowdley and on the right is his supervisor Taylor Masiewicz. Robert has been with the Prudential family for over five years and counting, and has been an essential part of our team handling numerous prestigious accounts on the west side of the state of Michigan. Robert is a very professional person and takes his position seriously and gives the utmost attention to details and clients expectations. Numerous Prudential clients have praised Robert with the service he provides them, and carrying on the Prudential credo of doing, "What Ever it Takes!" Thank you, Robert, for your continued efforts in making Prudential Security the Industry leader. Congratulations on receiving this prestigious award and keep up the great work.

January 2019

Robert Hull

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for January, 2019 - Robert HullPictured on the right is Robert Hull and on the left is his Operations Manager John Noblin presenting to Robert with our coveted Employee of The Month Award for January, 2019. Robert is a 10+ year veteran at Prudential Security and is one of our most valuable Special Assignment Officers (SAO). These officers get placed on some of the more challenging and prestigious accounts secured by Prudential Security. An SAO like Robert is usually the first officer at the account startup, and tasked with learning and conveying the specific duties and expected post orders to the team members assigned to the project.‎ Robert has received numerous acclimates from dozens of Prudential's valued customers and business associates for his extreme professionalism, a keen eye for detail, and for doing, "whatever it takes" to provide superior service. For your continued service of excellence, we commend you Robert and keep up the Great Work!

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