September 2018

Tracy Moses

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for September, 2018 - Tracy MosesPictured is Prudential Security's September Employee of the Month Tracy Moses. Tracy was recently promoted as supervisor of a very prestigious account and since her promotion, she has taken full control of the account and has implemented procedures that are in the customers best interest. We recently received this letter from our customer:

"I just wanted to send my thanks for all the work Tracy does here at our company. Since she became our supervisor, daily reports from the security officers have become clearer and more accurate. She actively coaches her team about proper procedures, as well as checking up on their work each day. Her presence and impact are felt, even when she is not on duty. She is available to her team day and night, making sure to inform the office immediately if there are any unusual or ambiguous events. Tracy visits the office multiple times per shift, keeping us informed about the property, her plans for the day, and things she is working on with her team. Nothing escapes her attention, and she trains her team to approach the property with a similar eye for detail. She takes her work seriously and shows clear pride in working at our building and keeping our property safe and secure".

In the short time that Tracy has been here, she has created a unified security team who follow procedure, enforce rules and regulations, and positively interact with tenants. Her work ethic and dedication are greatly appreciated, and we believe Prudential Security is lucky to have such an exemplary security officer as part of our team.

Tracy, we appreciate your efforts and are proud to call you our September Employee of the Month. Congratulations!

August 2018

Derrick Reasonover

August 2018 Prudential Security Employee of the Month - Derrick ReasonoverPictured is our August Employee of the Month recipient Derrick Reasonover who is a true team player who goes beyond his normal duties to provide exceptional customer service to one of our prestigious clients. Mr. Reasonover takes a real interest in what’s going on. He can be seen walking through the plant, checking the parking lot during a shift change, and making rounds through the administrative office area checking on employees working late.

Derrick has taken it upon himself to master the new camera system and is known to come in on his off shift to retrieve video or help out if there is a problem.

Always pleasant, always polite, always there if you need him. Thank you, Derrick, for your exceptional service and congratulations on receiving this prestigious award. Keep up the Good work!

April 2018

Marquisha Profit Dantzler

Prudential Security April, 2018 Employee of the Month - Marquisha Profit DantzlerPrudential Security is proud to bestow its coveted Employee of the Month award‎ for April, 2018 to Marquisha Profit Dantzler. Marquisha is closing in on her 1st year anniversary as a member of the Prudential family. Marquisha has quickly risen through the ranks from officer to site supervisor, to administrative assistant for her operation's manager John Noblin (pictured together.) Her dedication to excellence and following Prudential's credo of doing "whatever it takes" is one of the qualities that makes Marquisha an invaluable part of Prudential's elite team.

We expect Marquisha to continue to rise to the top at Prudential Security, as she continues to receive accolades from many of Prudential's prestigious clients. Thank you Marquisha for your dedicated service and keep up the great work. We are proud to Honor you with this award and expect you to continue on with your excellent performance in our industry.

March 2018

Taylor Masiewicz

Prudential Security March, 2018 Employee of the Month - Taylor MasiewiczPrudential Security is proud to announce our choice for the Employee of the Month for March, Mr. Taylor Masiewicz. Pictured on the right is our managing partner Joe Todaro. Taylor came to Prudential several years ago after earning his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and has been a strong asset ever since. Mr. Masiewicz was given the daunting task of overseeing the entire security operation for one of the largest and most productive steel manufacturers in the nation.

Mr. Masiewicz has excelled in this position and brought with him many out of the box ideas and procedures. His innovations have been very successful in the day to day operation of the security program executed at this industrial powerhouse. His skill at working hand in hand with our partner, as well as the skilled officers on his watch have made us proud to name him as the employee of the month. Congratulations Taylor. We appreciate you and your efforts.

February 2018

John George

Prudential Security February, 2018 Employee of the Month - John GeorgePictured left is Prudental's February, 2018 Employee of the Month John George and on the right is Prudential Operations Manager Eli Hall. Mr. George is a supervisor at one of our industrial accounts. Mr. George was nominated and selected for this prestigious award because he has shown great leadership qualities such as being on time for his shift and always keeping his team updated on new policies and procedures at the facility he is assigned to. Mr. George also makes sure his team enforces the strict policies and procedures that the post orders require. Mr. George has an impeccable attendance record and he is also willing to cover any shift or come in for any emergency type coverage. Mr. George your efforts are appreciated and congratulations on receiving the Employee of the Month award. Keep up the good work.

Natasha Exum

Prudential Security February, 2018 Employee of the Month - Natasha ExumPrudential Security is proud to announce that Chicago Security Officer Natasha Exum has been awarded Officer of the Month for February, 2018. Pictured with Officer Exum on the left is Carlton Henry, Chicago Director of Operations. Officer Exum's attitude and performance are what makes us proud and great as a company. Officer Exum goes the extra mile every day when she reports for duty. She is excellent with her report writing and the special tasks that are assigned to her every month. She is also responsible for finding the most drug users and evicting them from our large property in Chicago where she is assigned. She always reports to work with a great attitude, and ready to fight and deter crime. She is a shining example of what our officers should aspire to be like while on the job. We thank you Officer Exum, keep up the great work.

McShel Luckett

Prudential Security February, 2018 Employee of the Month - McShel LuckettPictured left is Prudential Security Executive Matthew Keywell and on the right is our February Employee of the Month McShel Luckett. Ms. Luckett is assigned to a large Manufacturing Plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ms. Luckett recieved a phone call via the emergency phone in the guard station in reference to an injured employee located in the shop 3 assembly area. The employee was bleeding due to a large laceration to his hand, so she contacted all first responders in the shop and sent them to the area.

From the Security booth, McShel kept a level head and even temper while operating multiple phone lines, including her personal phone with 911, and directed everyone to the scene in a timely manner, but also made all the appropriate contacts regarding the incident at the same time. According to the HR Director, McShel’s knowledge of the facility and quick thinking mitigated all the confusion and saved the employee from further injury and pain. Ms. Luckett did a great job getting the appropriate people to the location to assist the injured employee. Several other employees in the facility personally made the call to our area manager to let him know what a great job McShel did. Ms. Luckett thank you for your quick thinking and the action taken to insure this employee was quickly treated. On behalf of the facility you're assigned to and Prudential Security, THANK YOU for a job well done!

Calvin Leaster

Prudential Security February, 2018 Employee of the Month - Calvin LeasterPictured on the right is Calvin Leaster our February Employee of the month and on the left is his Operation's Manager Eli Hall. Mr. Leaster is currently the site leader at one of our retail malls. He has been at this location for several months and since his arrival we have had no issues. Mr. Leaster has shown great leadership qualities with the other officers he works with. He also has shown a willingness to do whatever the job requires. For these reasons and many others is why Calvin Leaster is our employee of the month for February 2018. Congratulations Calvin. Keep up the great work.

Anthony McChee - Andre Ward - Lester Jones

Prudential Security Employees of the Month February 2018Prudential Security services one of the most prestigious hotels in Metropolitan Detroit and when making the decision on officer of the month for February, it was quickly determined not just one person could win this award, but that it would to be awarded to all three assigned officers, as all have worked equally hard to establish the reputation Prudential has earned at their assigned account. Pictured left to right is Anthony McChee, Operations Manager Gerald Collins, Andre Ward, and Lester Jones. These men have worked closely together for over a year and have earned quite a reputation.

They complete their post orders while always putting the customer's needs first, and go above and beyond to insure our customer's guests feel welcome at their establishment.

Prudential wants to show it's appreciation to these valued employees who operate as one unit day in and day out and honor them with this prestigious award. Thank you gentleman for a job well done and keep up the good work.

January 2018

Bilaal Collins

Prudential Security Employee of the Month January 2018 - Bilaal CollinsPictured left receiving the January Employee of the month award is Security Officer Bilaal Collins and on the right is his Operations Manager Gerald Collins (no relation). Bilaal began his career at Prudential just a few months ago, but ever since he started, several of our clients that he has worked with have complemented him on his performance and have asked for his return.

According to Gerald, Bilal has been a pleasant surprise, and his work ehitic and professionalism have been highlighted by those he works with daily. Prudential Security is looking for more big things from Mr. Collins in 2018. Congratulations Bilal on receiving this special award. Keep up the good work.

Travis Alderson

Prudential Security Employee of the Month January 2018 - Travis AldersonPictured left and receiving Prudential's January Security Officer of the month award Travis Alderson and on the right is his Operation Manager Derek Wroblewski. Mr. Alderson is the site supervisor for one of Prudential Security's premium accounts. Mr. Alderson has been instrumental in running the supplementary and special event security for us at this account overseeing up to 40 plus Security Officers. Travis has been with Prudential Security for a little more then three years now and we are very happy and lucky to have him as a part of our team. Thank you Travis for everything that you do and congratulations on receiving this prestigious award.

James Drayton

Prudential Security January, 2018 Employee of the Month - James CraytonPictured is Prudential Security's Employee of the Month for January, 2018, James Drayton.  James has been working with us for the last 4 years.  He has been the supervisor at one of our elite accounts and from day one when we started. James does an excellent job working with his team at the site and giving them good leadership by example.  James is beloved by everyone who lives and works at his location!  Everytime his account manager visits there, someone will stop him to inform him of something James has done to go above and beyond the normal call of duty to make everyone there feel safe and special.  He his well deserving of this award and we are all very happy to have James Drayton on the Prudential Security team.

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