March 2022

Yasir Gabara

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for March 2022 - Yasir Gabara

Yasir Gabara, pictured on the left with manager Jon Sitto, understands that being a security supervisor doesn't only mean that he will be responding to security related incidents, but that it means that he is someone who the client and members of the community that visit on a daily basis feel safe while they are there. Yasir regularly assists tenants on a day-to-day basis, and always does so with the best attitude. No task is too small or too big.

Our client stated: Yasir is an exemplary Security Officer. We feel very secure with him on site doing day patrol. He is courteous and friendly to all tenants when he makes inside rounds. He is well liked by everyone. Any time there is the slightest issue, he is there and intervenes for a positive outcome.  Just last Friday, we had some movers who were being aggressive to myself and staff.  Yasir came inside and was an authoritative presence.  He is observant of all the surroundings and quick to respond to anything unusual. One thing he does that is particularly comforting to us is how he waits for us to go to our vehicles at the end of the day and makes sure we leave the site safely. Yasir continues to be a great addition to our “family”.

Congratulations Yasir on being March 2022 employee of the month!

Brandon Walker

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for March 2022 - Branden Walker

Pictured with Terry Miller on the left, Brandon Walker is our Prudential Security Employee of the Month for March 2022.

Brandon Walker has been with Prudential for 3 years, assigned to one of our premium accounts.  Brandon assists wherever and whenever he can, always stepping up to take care of the client's needs. He goes above and beyond covering any shift or post, he is needed at.  His dedication and willingness to be always there when we need him makes him a most valuable asset.

Congratulations, Brandon, on being chosen our Prudential Security Employee of the Month! Keep up the great work!

February 2022

Michelle McDonald

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for February 2022 - Michelle McDonaldPictured is Michelle McDonald receiving the February Employee of the Month Award. Michelle has been with the Prudential Team for many years.  During this time, she has worked various assignments and currently is supervising 10 officers at one of our most prestigious accounts.

Michelle, thank you for your commitment to both Prudential Security and our customer. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Congratulations on receiving this prestigious award!

Sidney G. Reed

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for February 2022 - Sidney G. ReedThe Roots of Character

Those who preserve their integrity remain unshaken by the storms of daily life.  They do not stir like leaves on a tree or follow the herd where it runs.  In their mind remains the ideal attitude and conduct of living.  This is not something given to them by others.  It is their is a strength that exists deep within them. - Anonymous Native American

Sidney G. Reed, epitomizes this unknown author's description of CHARACTER.  Having assumed the supervisory duties for the team assigned to one of our prestigious accounts, Sidney was met with several challenges, such as those issues brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  In meeting those challenges, I've witnessed Sidney rally and motivate his staff.  Often short-staffed, Sidney is known to step in and pick up an extra shift or volunteer to work an extra shift to give an officer a day off.  All with a smile.

Constantly reinforcing the training his staff receives, simplifying what they've learned, so they can understand it, which has resulted in the improvement of the team.  All with a smile.

Yes, he has on occasion been met with an officer that doesn't share his vision, or quite frankly refuses to perform.   Somehow, that smile has convinced some to give it a try. Others, the site is no longer the assignment for them, sending them on their way without incident.  And as usual, with a smile.

Sidney, your character shows in every aspect of your leadership.  Which is why, your selection as Employee of the Month is a well deserved honor.

January 2022

Charlene Smith-Epps

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for January 2022 - Charlene Smith-Epps

Charlene Smith-Epps, pictured here with her supervisor Gerald Collins, was hired in June 2019 and has been a model employee during her employment at Prudential Security.  During my hiring interview with Ms. Epps, she informed me "I'm a night shift officer, I like working nights".  She has done that well on all her assignments over the years.

But on January 11, 2022, at 5:00am, Security Officer Epps, while on mobile patrol, encountered multiple trespassers in commission of felony theft auto. Without regard for her own safety, she radioed her partner to contact local police and sounded her horn to disorient the 4 thieves. The tactic worked, and the 4 subjects fled and left behind their electric tools. Security Officer Epps recovered over 10,000 dollars in catalytic convertors and prevented more damage.

Prudential Security salutes Security Officer Charlene Epps as Employee of the Month for January 2022.

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