December 2013

LaTonja Calloway

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, December 2013 - LaTonja CallowayOfficer of the month for December 2013 is LaTonja Calloway. Ms. Calloway goes above and beyond her duties and responsibilities each day she works. She always has a positive attitude and displays herself in a professional manner. She is a great leader and Supervisor who always takes charge to ensure the job gets done. She never hesitates to help out her co-workers when they are in need of help. She is very knowledgeable of her job and is a great trainer. We are proud to have her on the Prudential team. Congratulations Ms. Calloway and keep up the good work.

Joe Coleman

Supervisor Coleman has been with Prudential for almost 2 years. Coleman started off at the Covenant House Academies. When the opportunity came through as the site manager at one of our most prestigious buildings, he stepped up to the challenge. He started there as a shift leader. When the supervisor position became available, he was hands down the first choice. He has not disappointed. Coleman has also served our country in the U.S Navy. He is a single parent of 2 sons and enjoys singing for his local church. Congratulations Joe and keep up the good work. We appreciate you.

November 2013

Darnell Dixon

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, November 2013 - Darnell DixonPictured right is our November employee of month, Darnell Dixon, along with his Prudential operation manager Derek Wroblowski. Mr. Dixon started with Prudential just over a year ago and was a key member of the Grand Prix security team. After the Prix concluded he went to work at one of our more prestigious accounts. He attacked this position here with the same enthusiasm and pride that he displayed at the Grand Prix. When his current supervisor position opened up, the client was happy to have him as the supervisor. He hasn't rested on his duties either. Our client went out of their way to send Prudential a raving review of his performance.

Carol Saydera

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, November 2013 - Carol SayderaIn reviewing over 50 recommendations for officer of the month we came across a request from our area Manager in Chicago who asked us to consider Ms. Saydera for this prestigious award and after reviewing the facts submitted it was clear to our team Ms. Saydera deserves this award she has been assigned to the same building on the same post for over 17 years she has an impeccable work history and is well like my many of the tenants and well respected by her co-workers. Ms Saydera congratulations on 17 years at the same building we truly appreciate your work and dedication and hope you are with us for another 17 years.

Carla Wilson

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, November 2013 - Carla WilsonPictured left is this months recipient of officer of the month award Ms. Carla Wilson and to her right is her Operations Manager. Carlton Henry. Ms Wilson has as well worked the same post in the same building in Chicago for over 17 years. Ms. Wilson is a valued employee who is at work everyday and goes above and beyond her duty to insure the safety of the tenants in her building. Congratulations Ms. Wilson on being officer of the month we appreciate your hard work and dedication and hope you are with us for another 17 plus years.

Ken Chechlowski

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, November 2013 - Ken ChechlowskiPictured right is our November officer of the month Ken Chechlowski and to his right is his Operation Manager John Noblin. Mr. Chechlowski has been employed with Prudential for nearly 5 years he is crossed trained at over 60 accounts. Mr. Chechlowski goes above and beyond his job duties and always goes the extra mile and according to his manager Ken is his number one go to person as he never refuses a work assignment and one of those people that is always on time every time. Ken congratulations and thank you for your service keep up the good work.

Dave Freeman

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, November 2013 - Dave FreemanWe are proud to have Dave Freeman as being recognized as one of Prudential Security Employee of the Month. Dave has been a site Supervisor for one of Prudential Security's largest import and export facilities for over 3 years. Dave goes over and above the call of duty, and commands a team of officers. He expects them to be professional at all times, and always make sure the customer is happy and the Public safe and secure at all times. Due to Dave's continued caring and dedication to Customer Service, it makes us proud to bestow him with this award.

October 2013

James Brown

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, October 2013 - James BrownPictured left is our Security officer of the month for October out of our Charleston South Carolina office James Brown and to his right is his supervisor Cheryl Jones. Mr. Brown received this distinguished award for his outstanding performance and his dedication and commitment to Prudential Security. Mr. Browns supervisor Ms. Jones commented that James is willing to do anything and work anytime and he is always cheerful and happy. Mr. Brown on behalf of the entire executive team at Prudential Security we are proud to have you as our employee. Congratulations!

Kevin Elliott

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, October 2013 - Kevin ElliottOur October employee of the month is awarded to Anchorage Alaska Prudential Mall supervisor Kevin Elliott who is pictured left and to his right is our client Mao Tosi. Mr. Elliott is receiving this distinguished award for his dedication and leadership he has demonstrated over the last several years of leading our people and satisfying our client. Because of the distance between Detroit and Anchorage, Alaska our corporate management team isn't able to assist Kevin with his daily issues of hiring/training etc. and we rely heavily on his performance. In his years with us, he has never let us down and continues to provide our clients with a level of service they are comfortable with. Kevin on behalf of the entire management team we appreciate everything we do for us and please accept this award as a token of our appreciation for the loyalty, dedication and commitment you have given to Prudential Security.

September 2013

Elaine Kennedy

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, September 2013 - Elaine KennedyPrudential Security Inc. Is proud to nominate Elaine Kennedy as one of the recipients for September Employee of the month. Elaine is the Site Supervisor for one of Prudential's most influential accounts, where she has been the Site Supervisor for many years. Elaine prides herself in running a "tight ship" and expects only the best from the officers who work under her at her site. Elaine also prides herself on providing 100% Customer Satisfaction to the client at all times.

Elaine is responsible for keeping impeccable records for anyone requesting access to the facility. These records not only provide a manifest for all people entering the facility, but would also provide pertinent information in the event of an evacuation due to an industry emergency. For her continued efforts and years of dedication, we are proud to have Elaine as our September Employee of the Month recipient.

Fredrick Wiley & Baiwon Carden

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, September 2013 - Fredrick Wiley & Baiwon CardenThru out each month we receive several letters from our customers on our officers who go above and beyond their normal duties and our customer expectations and this month we received the following letter:

I just want you to take a moment to thank you for your services here at our property, in additional I wanted to thank you for providing me with two phenomenal guards Fredrick Wiley and Baiwon Carden. Both of these guards go and beyond the call of duty here at our property. Whatever is asked of them they always do it without any questions asked. I’ve had several incidents here when residents were fighting, prior to calling the police they tried to defuse the situation, a previous tenant guest threatened me and before the guy could finish his statement they stopped him in his tracks and informed him that I’m just here doing a job its nothing personal. They are non confrontational , I’ve experienced with other security companies that the armed guards were confrontational Fred and Baiwon are both non confrontational they talk the situations out to prevent confrontation. Whenever someone unknown is on-site before they even get into the office they have informed me of who they are and they’re reason for the visit. If someone looks suspicious one guard stays outside and the other stays in the hallway to assure that I am safe. They are alert constantly on their toes to keep the residents and management safe at all times. Your company could not have chose better candidates to serve us here at our property. Thank you again on behalf of the entire Prudential Management team congratulations to Mr. Wiley and Mr. Carden on being September officers of the month.

Timothy Sheets

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, September, 2013 - Timothy SheetsPrudential Security is proud to announce that Timothy Sheets is September Employee of the Month. Timothy currently works at one of Prudential's largest industry factories. Tim is responsible for access control of all people entering the factory. He assures proper safety equipment is worn by anyone wanting access. In addition he does physical patrols assuring the client that all workers are performing assigned duties and guaranteeing production lines stay efficient.

Tim also provides plant protection while employees take their breaks and lunches to assure no illegal activities occur which would impede employee performance. Tim goes above and beyond in his work performance in assuring the customer never has an issue with security coverage. Tim takes his employment and duty for customer satisfaction to the highest degree and it is much more than a job to him, it is a way of life. For Dedication above and beyond the call of duty is only one of the reasons we are proud to commend Mr Sheets with the coveted Employee of the Month award.

August 2013

Adam Eason

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, August, 2013 - Adam EasonPictured on the left is Security Officer, Adam Eason and to his right is his Supervisor, Lamont Lively. Adam has been with the company for six years and works a variety of jobs for Prudential including backup supervisor at his assigned account. In his six years of employment, he has never called off or missed any time and is always willing to do whatever, whenever to insure the job gets done. Adam, on behalf of our entire organization, congratulations on being employee of month and thank you for your dedication and years of service.

Sabrina Gardner

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, August, 2013 - Sabrina GardnerPictured on left is Sabrina Gardner and to her right is her Supervisor, Lamont Lively. Ms. Gardner has worked her post for over 10 years and is a familiar face in the New Center area. Her consistent work habits and positive attitude makes her a favorite of many of the tenants and visitors who frequent her building every day. Her attendance is nearly impeccable and is one person who is always willing to do anything for anybody at any time. It’s for these reasons and many others, Sabrina has been awarded employee of the month. Thank you for your years of service and your excellent work habits. Congratulations.

Tracy Brown

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, August, 2013 - Tracy BrownPictured here proudly displaying her award for August employee of month is Tracy Brown. Tracy has always been dependable and can be relied upon to handle any tasks with minimal supervision. She serves as the Assistant to the Site manager and is the alternate FSO to the Coast Guard. During the recent absence of our Security Manager, Tracy immediately stepped in and handled the hiring, payroll, and scheduling duties without issue. Her hard work and dedication to the site are not only appreciated by our client but the Prudential Security team as well. Tracy, congratulations and thank you for your hard work and dedication.

June 2013

Thomas Franks

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, June, 2013 - Thomas FranksThomas Franks served our Country in the U.S Navy from 1990-1994. Officer Franks has worked with the DPW, DPD and DFD working security for their yards managing fuel log books and keeping area secure. Officer Franks has had special training in water rescue, weapons and hand to hand combat. During his tenure with Prudential he has worked with the several accounts and most recently has been placed as the supervisor at one of our most prestigious multi community property. Just before being named as the supervisor for this site he was a huge asset in the successful security team placed on Belle Isle for the Chevy Grand Prix. Officer Franks was one of the officers with one of the hardest posts securing access to the island on the bridge. One day after being relived from post he noticed something that didn't seem to fit. So he walked down the bridge and noticed someone contemplating jumping off the bridge. Franks calmly spoke with person while dialing 911. Luckily the police came and got the person off the bridge. His calm quick thinking saved a life. Officer Franks is a true asset to the Prudential family and we are happy to have him with us. Thank you for all that you have done! THANK YOU for your services and congratulations.

Frank Kincannon

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, June, 2013 - Frank KincannonPrior to coming to Prudential, officer Kincannon served 4 years in Army and had an over seas tour with a special troops battalion. Kincannon training in volatile situations has given him a unique perspective and has allowed us to put him in some intense situations. His training has made him an invaluable asset to the company. He was also a huge contributor for a safe Grand Prix event on Belle Isle earlier this summer. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

May 2013

James Cammon

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, May, 2013 - James CammonPictured is our May Security officer of month James Cammon along with his supervisor Tracy Brown. Mr. Cammon has been employed with Prudential for several years and in this period of time he's never had any customer complaints and always willing to do whatever for whoever so the job gets done. James, on behalf of the entire Prudential organization we want to thank you for being part of "our" team for last 10 plus years and we look forward to many more. Congratulations and keep up the solid work.

April 2013

Charles Whaley

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, April, 2013 - April employee of month is Charles Whaley, pictured here with his Supervisor Cheryl Jones. Mr. Whaley was chosen for this award because, simply as MS. Jones says, "Charles will go anywhere at anytime with little to no notice". He has worked multiple locations including several remote sites while never complaining. Charles is professional, friendly and very thorough in his work. Congratulations Mr. Whaley on this prestigious award and thank you for your hard work and dedication you have shown to not only to Cheryl but to our customers and Prudential Security.

March 2013

Joshua Collins

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, March, 2013 - Joshua CollinsPictured receiving March employee of month award is Officer Joshua Collins with his area manager Derek Wroblowski presenting the award. Joshua has spent 13 years in the United States Air Force. His current rank is Staff Sergeant. He has served our Country in Afghanistan, Iraq and Japan. He is the recipient of the Defense Freedom Metal and a multiple recipient of the Annual Ethics Metal.

While working with Prudential he was the midnight supervisor at the one of our most prestigious office buildings. We then placed him as the site supervisor for one of the areas best known malls and now are proud to announce that Mr. Collins will be one of the key managers during the 2013 Detroit Grand Prix an account Prudential Security was recently awarded. His versatility and willingness to go wherever his skills are needed is what makes him our Employee of the Month. Congratulations Joshua and we are proud to have you on our team.

When Collins has free time he enjoys working with his community. He is also heavily involved with his church. He enjoys working with young adults and mentoring them. Josh is also an avid runner.

Tim Hare

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, March, 2013 - Tim HarePrudential officer of the month is Tim Hare pictured here with his area manager Derek Wroblowski. Tim has been a hard working loyal employee of Prudential for almost 4 years. He has been the site supervisor at One of our key accounts for nearly 3 years . Tim has been instrumental in nurturing a strong professional working relationship with the Customer, so much so that Prudential now covers multiple properties for this customer and Supervisor Hare has been promoted as supervisor for four of the six properties.

Tim Hare has been married for 21 years and has 2 daughters and a step-son. In his spare time he enjoys working on classic cars and gardening. Tim Congratulations on this prestigious award. We are proud to have on our team.

February 2013

Edward Hamilton

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, February, 2013 - Edward HamiltonPictured is Security officer Edward Hamilton with his manager Derek Wroblowski. Ed has been employed by Prudential for many years and his most recent assignment is one of our prestigious condo/apartment communities in the city of Detroit. Ed has been instrumental in reducing theft at this property and also works closely with residents to insure their safety. Ed goes above and beyond everyday in his duties earning him the February employee of the month. Congratulations Ed and keep up the nice work.

Marcus Hodges

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, February, 2013 - Marcus HodgesPictured on right is our February officer of the month Marcus Hodges and to his left is his account manager Mr. Derek Wroblowski. Mr. Hodges has been employed by Prudential for several years and has worked at over 30 different accounts for us during time. We have received numerous compliments and praises for the outstanding service he gives to our customers. Mr. Hodges is the "standard" we like to set for all our employees. Marcus, congratulations on receiving this prestigious award - one you certainly deserved. Keep up the hard work and dedication we look forward to working with you for many years to come.

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