September 2014

Joe Michalek

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, September, 2014 - Joe MichalekPictured is Joe Michalek as Officer of the Month for September and on the right is his Supervisor Jeff Noe. During a time when other officers required time off to meet their military obligations, Joe worked as the day shift dispatcher. Previous to this, Joe had very little raining and knowledge of the dispatch operations but came to me with confidence requesting to fill the position in the other Officers absence. During those two weeks, Officer Michalek took it upon himself to learn the position as well as other duties he was tasked with by either myself and mall management. Officer Michalek is a team player who is always willing to help out and go that extra mile and never turns down an assignment. He is dedicated to his job and always strives to do his very best while on duty. He mastered the dispatch position during this time and did an excellent job without fail. It is with great pleasure that we recognize Joe for his hard work and efforts during this time. We appreciate everything you and congratulations on receiving Officer of the month. Keep up the good work.

Demetrius Shelton

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, September, 2014 - Demetrius SheltonPictured Left is Demetrius Shelton and on the right is his Prudential account manager Derek Wroblewski. Mr. Shelton started with Prudential earlier this year at the Detroit Grand Prix and quickly showed his leadership skills on the island. He started off at a post position and quickly transitioned to a supervisor.

After the G/P concluded he was given a full time position at one of our primer accounts. He quickly made the move to site supervisor at this location and has been doing a great job.

Not only has he been anchor at this site, he has also recently been put in as one of the supervisors for a major Parking venue.

Demetrius Shelton has been a true asset to the Prudential team and has earned and been awarded September 2014 employee of the month. Congratulations Demetrius and keep up the good work. We are proud to have you on our team.

July 2014

John Bell

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, July, 2014 - John BellPictured here from our Knoxville office is Security officer John Bell. Mr. Bell went above and beyond the call of duty to assist a Margaritaville customer in locating and I pad left by there by their small child. John tracked down some construction workers, located and returned the item and refused to accept a monetary gift that was offered by the parents of the child. Below is the letter we received:

"Dear Mr. Saylor, I just wanted to write you to let you know that one of your officers went above and beyond to help me and my husband find my sons iPad yesterday. His name is John, and he was so nice and helpful, and we appreciate it so very much!! We went to have dinner at Margaritaville this past Tuesday night when my son, Drew, saw a atv-like vehicle in the parking lot and wanted his picture taken on it. Well, in the process, left his iPad on the seat. We live in Knoxville and didn't even notice it was missing until the next morning. I got the Island security number and talked to John. He took the time to listen to me, then took off looking for the vehicle! My husband then called to check in with him and he said the vehicle was gone, but he would ask the construction crew. Thirty minutes later he called my husband back and said he had the iPad!! We were so relieved! When he went to pick it up my husband tried to pay John, but he would not accept it. We wanted to do something for him as a thank you, because he could've just thrown his hands up, but he didn't. That's why I'm writing you...these days it's a blessing to come across an honest person willing to help out a stranger. We were blessed and I hope John will be, too. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Amy"

Amy thank you for sharing and John thank you for going above and beyond and assisting in insuring our customer customers are happy and congratulations on being July officer of the month.

June 2014

Jessica Jeans

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, June, 2014 - Jessica JeansPictured left from our Alaska office is our June Employee of the month Jessica Jeans, in the center is our client Ma'o Tosi and to the right is our area Manager Kevin Elliott. Ms. Jeans was instrumental in saving the life of a man described below. On behalf of Mall Management and Prudential Security, we would like to thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty. For your efforts, you are receiving 2 awards; one being the Above and Beyond Award and Security Officer of the Year Award. We appreciate you and happy to have you part of the Prudential team. Congratulations!

This is the letter received by mall management:

"On behalf of B.T Management, we would also like to express our appreciation for Jessica’s relentless efforts in providing a safe and customer friendly environment here at Northway Mall. On June 3, 2014, Officer Jessica Jeans clearly went above the call of duty. Officer Jeans was called to the male restroom by one of the Maintenance Team members, regarding a male passed out in the restroom. When Officer Jeans arrived she observed there was blood on the floor where the 6’4”, 250-lb male had fallen and hit his head on the floor. Surveying the scene carefully, and noticing the blood on the floor, Officer Jeans put on rubber gloves before attending to the man. EMS was on the phone and Officer Jon Paul arrived to assist Officer Jeans. The male was rolled over, and Officer Jeans ascertained that when he passed out he fell and hit his head on the floor. A needle and bent spoon were in the stall. The man was not breathing and EMS instructed Officer Jeans to begin and maintain chest compressions until they arrive on the scene. Officer Jeans is a 5’4” track star well-known in the area. Handling a person that much larger than her was a difficult task at best, but she maintained the chest compressions. The EMS Supervisor was very impressed with how Officer Jeans handled the event and stated that she saved this man’s life by her quick thinking, professional and calm demeanor, and tenacity in staying with the chest compressions."

Ken Chernoff

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, June, 2014 - Ken ChernoffPictured here is June employee of the month Ken Chernoff. For the last year or so, Ken has helped over see the main floor renovations at one of our premier office buildings. Because of several new tenants moving into this premier property, Ken has seen an enormous amount of foot traffic and has been instrumental in keeping order in the lobby and assisting patrons. Ken has been with Prudential for almost 3 years now and has been a valued employee at every site he has been asked to work at. Prudential is proud to have him as a Security Officer. Congratulations Ken on being officer of the month keep up the good work.

Sonnisha Brown

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, June, 2014 - Sonnisha BrownThe saying "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" couldn't be any truer when speaking about "Sonni" (Sonnisha) Brown. Her mother is a 2 time E.O.M recipient. Sonni is now the supervisor at one of our residential multi family properties. She has been the perfect choice for supervisor at this site. She is tending to the tenants, client and officer needs. She has gotten to know all the tenants by name and is enforcing the rules of conduct for the community. Property management couldn't be happier with Supervisor Brown...and neither could Prudential. Sonni thank you for your dedication and loyalty to both Prudential and our customer Congratulations.

May 2014

Carol Brown

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, May, 2014 - Carol BrownPictured in the middle is our May employee of the month Carol Brown and to her left is one of our customers representative "Rua" and to her right is our client contact Nace Hicks. Carol is well received by her fellow officers her account manager Derek Wroblowski is recommending Ms. Brown for this award states that in his nearly 20 years of experience in the security industry he has never worked with an individual of Ms. Browns work ethic and professionalism. She consistently gets the job done both day and night. Carol thank you for a job well done and keep up the hard work and dedication you have given to our company. We appreciate it. Thank you and Congratulations!

Luther Robinson

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, May, 2014 - Luther RobinsonPictured right is our May officer of the month Luther Robinson and to the left is his supervisor Norm Tietsema. Mr. Robinson has been employed with Prudential for many years and is dedicated to both our company and our customer. Luther who works at one of our retail malls is a prime example of mixing security and excellent customer service. We are proud to have Luther Robinson on our team. Luther thank you for everything you have done for both our customer and our company. We appreciate you and your dedication. Congratulations!!!

Bill Lewis

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, May, 2014 - Bill LewisPictured on the left is our Tennessee employee of the month Bill Lewis with his Operations Manager Thomas Saylor. Mr Lewis was recently promoted as the new supervisor at one of our prestigious accounts in pigeon forge. Since taking that position, Bill has went over and above the call of duty to help manage the account. The management staff of our client has expressed several compliments on Bill's work, and stated the security staff is more visible and professional under his leadership. Congratulations Bill we appreciate you and your efforts keep up the good work.

April 2014

Sabrina Gardner

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, April, 2014 - Sabrina GardnerPictured is our April Employee of the month Sabrina Gardner and to her left is her supervisor Donnie Beachman. Ms Gardner has been employed by Prudential for over 7 years she is a very dedicated employee who does whatever is needed for both our customer and the company. Her attendance is near perfect during her tenure of working with Prudential. Sabrina congratulations on receiving this well deserved award and thank you for your commitment to Prudential Security.

Phil Collins

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, April, 2014 - Phil CollinsPictured is our April employee of the month Phil Collins. Mr. Collins has been employed by Prudential Security for nearly 10 years during our initial growth of our company Phil worked at about every post we had then and continues to be a vital asset to our company. Phil we appreciate you and the hard work you have shown to our customers and to Prudential. We look forward to you working with us for many years to come. Congratulations.

Danielle Cancel

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, April, 2014 - Danielle CancelIt is with great pleasure that we announce that April's employee of the month is Danielle Cancel (Todaro). Ms. Cancel has been employed with Prudential since the inception of the company working in several positions including her current role, that we call "Everything". Danielle is a rare employee doing whatever needs to be done whenever we ask. She makes herself available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We are proud to have her in our organization. Her personality and work ethic, along with her determination, made her an easy choice for employee of the month. Danielle, congratulations and thank you for everything you do.

March 2014

Robert Johnson

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, March, 2014 - Robert JohnsonMr. Johnson's background includes over 20 years with DPS in a similar capacity. Mr. Johnson's attendance record is flawless and we've had numerous phone calls and compliments on his performance. His staff compliments him on his professionalism and his leadership skills.

Robert we are proud to have you on the Prudential Team. Congratulations on receiving this prestigious award. We appreciate everything you do and look forward to working with you for many more years.

February 2014

Derrick Dent

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, February, 2014 - Derrick DentIt is with great pleasure that we announce Mr. Derrick Dent as our February employee of the month. Pictured with Mr. Dent receiving his prestigious award and cash bonus is our client Principal McKissac from Denby High School and Prudential Vice President Gerald Collins.

Mr. Dent has been employed with Prudential since the inception of the Educational Achievement Authority in the position of Security Supervisor responsible for the overall safety of students and staff at Denby High School. In the words of Mr. Collins who states in his nearly 25 years being working in the Security industry, "It’s very rare to find such a person as Mr. Dent who everyday give 110% and truly cares not only about his job and his duties but is appreciated by his staff." Mr. Collins went on to say "Mr. Dent is a true leader who leads by the examples he sets."

On behalf of the entire Prudential team, we would like to congratulate you Mr. Dent on receiving this prestigious award. You earned it and it’s our way of saying we appreciate everything you do. Keep up the excellent work.

January 2014

Demetrius Brown

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, January, 2014 - Demetrius BrownSupervisor Demetrius Brown was moved to a new account as the site supervisor when Prudential was awarded the contract. Prior to this, Demetrius had worked his way up the ranks. He started off as a floater, covering call-offs. He was then placed at several schools working as a fill-in officer. Demetrius has a strong work ethic and our customer Tom W who recommended Demetrius for this award says he really appreciates everything that Demetrius has done and looks forward to working with him in the future.

On his off time Demetrius likes spending time with his family and playing football. Prudential is happy to have Demetrius Brown on the team!

Maurice Parker

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, January, 2014 - Maurice ParkerSupervisor Maurice Parker has been a loyal and valued employee of Prudential for over 5 years. He has been the Supervisor at one of our Multi-family communities. Supervisor Parker is an exceptional officer and shows great dedication to his job. He works day in and day out never calling off or missing any time. He has earned the respect of the community and of our customer.

When he is not working he enjoys reading and spending time with his family. Mr. Parker Thank you for you dedication to Prudential Security and congratulations on earning the award of officer of the month.

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