September 2015

James Guzman-Chang and Andrea Green

Prudential Security Employees of the Month, September 2015 - James Guzman-Chang and Andrea GreenPictured with our customer on the far right are our security officers of the month for September 2015: James Guzman-Chang, and to his right is Andrea Green. Both were awarded employee of the month because of their exceptional work ethic and enthusiasm when they are on the job. Both have a stellar attendance record. Neither officer has missed a day since they've been placed at this prestigious account. Neither one them complains when asked to stay over, and is always willing to help out. Both are always smiling and project a positive attitude. Its the first time we've awarded two people for Security Officer of the month at the same site, but given both of their outstanding accomplishments, we felt both were deserving of these awards. Congratulations to both Mr. Chang and Mr. Green. We appreciate everything you do for our company and are proud to have each of you as security officers on our elite force.

Major Dennis Stone

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, September 2015 - Major Dennis StonePrudential Security is proud to present this month's coveted Employee of the Month Award to Major Dennis Stone. Major Stone is an Area Supervisor for his Operation's Manager John Noblin. Dennis started 3 years ‎ago for Prudential Security. He worked primarily in our Multifamily Housing Division of the company. He was responsible for helping to provide a safe living environment for the families and children residing in Section 8 low income Housing.

Stone (as he is often called by friends and colleagues) took his responsibility very serious. Also while working an incredible work schedule, Dennis continued his College studies and received an Associate's Degree in Criminology and Forensics from ITT Technical University in Dearborn, MI. Dennis has used his knowledge he gained from College and has applied it into his professional career at Prudential Security. Stone quickly rose through the ranks of sergeant, lieutenant, till finally reaching status of a major. However, his drive did not stop there.

Dennis began learning numerous aspects of responsibilities in all fields of the security industry. He became a site supervisor, in charge of a crew of 8 officers. He then was promoted into road supervision, to assure all officers in the field conducted themselves in the professional standards set forth by Prudential Security. Currently he is working as an area supervisor and according to his operation's manager John Noblin,‎" Stone has shown the exemplary characteristics and professionalism that Prudential Security expects from their supervisors. It is nice to see a young soldier step forward, and help carry on Prudential Security's promise to do whatever it takes to provide excellent service to all of our valued clients and business partners."

Prudential Security would like to thank you for your continued service‎, and congratulate you for earning Prudential Security's September 2015 Employee of the Month award.

July 2015

Delores Hubbard

Prudential Employee of the Month, July 2015 - Delores HubbardPictured on the right is our July Employee of the month Delores Hubbard. Also pictured with Delores is Ms. Hubbard's Operation manager Lorenzo Matthew, center and on the left is Trish Guzik, Prudential Security executive management team. Delores has been with Prudential for over 2 years and assists Lorenzo with overseeing multiple properties and works closely with our customers to insure their satisfaction . Delores is a stand out officer who is always on time and will cover any open post at any time. Congratulations on Delores on this award! Keep up the good work!

Wanda Allen

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, July 2015 - Wanda AllenPictured is Wanda Allen who has been employed with Prudential for almost 2 years. She has spent most of her time at an account where she is the site supervisor. Property management call her "an invaluable member of their team and are happy to have her!"

Wanda does a great job at keeping schedules in order and making sure the other members of the team know their post orders. She has never missed a day of work and is always available whenever duty calls. Wanda thank you for everything you do for prudential. We appreciate you!

Doug Hill

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, July 2015 - Doug HillDoug Hill has been an employee of Prudential for almost a year now. He is currently working a long term construction Project. He is the supervisor at the site. Recently there was a downed wire that caused a fire on the outskirts of the property. The reason it was caught so quickly is that Doug is so vigilant in doing his rounds. Doug tried down playing and saying he was just at the right place at the right time. The Property Manager for the site said that "He is the right person for the right job". We agree and well said! Thank you Doug for preventing serious damage to the property.

Carol Brown

Pictured right is Captain Carol Brown, who is a three time recipient of this award, and on the left is her operations manager Derek Wroblewski. Not a day goes by where Derek doesn't rely on Carol to assist with issues and concerns and no matter what day it is or the time, Carol is always there willing to do whatever is needed to be done.

There aren't words that can express just how valuable Carol is to the Prudential Team. She puts her heart and soul into her work and is truly an asset. Thank you Carol for all that you do and congratulations again on receiving the Prudential Security Employee of the Month award, for July, 2015.

June 2015

Delora Ingram

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, June 2015 - Delora IngramPictured on the left is our June Employee of the Month Delora Ingram. Delora Has been with Prudential Security for over 5 years. She has been a valuable member of our Security team at one of our landmark accounts in the great city of Detroit. Delora has a son Spencer who is following in his mother's footsteps as he also works for Prudential in a leadership capacity. Delora exemplifies the meaning of going above and beyond what is required from her. She is a great employee and person. Congratulations Delora well deserved!

Demetrius Brown

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, June 2015 - Demetrius BrownPictured in the center is our June employee of month Demetrius Brown. On the right is our valued customer on and the left is Prudential operation manager Derek Wroblewski. Demetrius has been a valued employee of Prudential's for over five years. This is his second EOM award and he continues to set the bar going above and beyond, not only for Prudential, but for our customer as well. Demetrius works closely with his employees to insure they are delivering the Prudential Standard of service to our customer. Demetrius is a supervisor at one our multi-Family housing communities and is doing a phenomenal job overseeing the current construction project. He is supervising a security team of 15+ officers and keeping overtime to a minimum. Demetrius' wife Jennifer also works for Prudential and is just as excellent an officer as her husband. Demetrius, congratulations on receiving this special award not once but twice! We appreciate you - THANK YOU!

Anthony "Tony" Jones

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, June 2015 - Anthony Tony JonesPictured on the left receiving his bonus and June employee of the month plaque is Anthony "Tony" Jones and to his left is his operations Manager Derek Wroblewski. Tony has been a Prudential employee for almost 3 years. He's spent most of his employment at one of our high rise office buildings. He started as a midnight officer and is now the site supervisor. Tony has always been someone who has gone above and beyond of what is asked and expected and that has not gone unnoticed by us at Prudential or the property management company he works closely with. In Tony's spare time he is an avid weight lifter and in his earlier years a very accomplished body-builder. Congratulations Tony and thank you for your dedication and commitment to Prudential Security.

Robert Jones

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, June 2015 - Robert JonesPictured to the right is our June employee of the month Mr. Robert Jones and to his left is his operations Manager Rob Robinson. Mr. Jones has been with Prudential for several months and has been assigned at one of our premier sites in the capacity of site supervisor since February. Robert is a great example of the values and commitment to service we provide our clients. Each day Robert leads his fellow employees by example, always in uniform doing post order tasks assigned and meeting the needs of our customer. Rob severs in the Michigan National Guard and is a Father of three. We would like to say "thank you Rob for all your hard work" and congratulations on being our employee of the month.

May 2015

Kevin Milton

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, May 2015 - Kevin MiltonPictured holding his May employee of the month plaque and his bonus for receiving this award is Kevin Milton. Kevin has been with Prudential for close to a year while at the same site. He has never been late or called off. Kevin goes to great lengths to insure the needs of our customer are met and supervises a solid security team. He is a great teacher and mentor for any new security officers assigned to his location. Mr. Milton has been a true asset to the Prudential Team. These characteristics have made him stand out and make him a true supervisor at Prudential. Kevin we appreciate your efforts and congratulations on receiving this prestigious award. We are proud to call YOU a Prudential security officer!

Ulonda Green

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, May 2015 - Ulonda GreenPrudential Security is proud to present the Employee Of The Month (May) to Site Supervisor Ulonda Green. Ulonda has been a Site Supervisor for 6+ years for one of Prudential Security's long time prestigious manufacturing accounts. Ulonda is in charge of a team of Prudential officers handling scheduling, discipline, and various other duties to make sure her team runs like a fine Swiss watch. The facility manager is quoted as praising the accomplishments that Ms. Green handles on a day-to-day basis; " With Ms. Ulonda overseeing the team at my facility, I never have to take time out of my schedule to worry about the team here. She always has them performing way above industry standards, looking very professional and enforcing all of my protocols set forth for them. I would be lost if she wasn't here making sure I never have any surprises." For exemplary customer service and dedication to Prudential Security excellence, we are proud to honor Ulonda with this prestigious award. Congratulations Ulonda! We appreciate you and your efforts.

D'Juan Browder

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, May 2015 - D'Juan BrowderPictured to the right receiving his award and check is our May employee of Month D'Juan Browder. In the middle is Mumford High School Principal Ms. Clark and to his left is Mr. Browder Supervisor, James Howard. Mr. Browder has been assigned to the Mumford High School account for nearly 3 years. He has near perfect attendance and has played a vital role in deescalating some serious situations. He is well received by the students and staff at Mumford high School. Mr. Browder tells Mr. Howard, his area supervisor, his goal is to assist other staff members in insuring the students at Mumford High are able to learn in an environment where each student looks forward to coming to school every morning. Mr. Browder thank you for your service. We appreciate it.

Aaron Mack

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, May 2015 - Aaron MackCongratulations to Aaron Mack for being our May employee of the month. Mr. Mack has been employed by Prudential for only a few short months but in his tenure he has already made a dramatic impact on his site where he directly supervises 8 Security officers and handles the day to day security issues at his site. He has shown an extreme dedication to both the customer and Prudential. He has been a valuable addition to the Prudential Team and we are happy to have him. Mr. Mack thank you for your hard work and dedication. Keep up the good work.

April 2015

Carlos Morgan

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, April 2015 - Carlos MorganPictured is Carlos Morgan, Prudential Supervisor assigned to Cherokee Health Systems Corporate Office, and Brian Smith, Executive Vice President. Carlos is named April employee of the month due to his superior service to Mr. Smith and his fine organization. Carlos has been instrumental in defusing situations with behavior health patients thus keeping a safe environment for patients and employees at Cherokee Health Systems. Carlos oversees three other clinics in the Knoxville area and has proven to be an asset to both Prudential and our client. Carlos, thank you for your hard work and dedication. Congratulations on receiving this prestigious award!

Jason Withers

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, April 2015 - Jason WithersPictured to the right is our April employee of the month Jason Withers and to the right is Prudential Vice-President Gerald Collins. Jason is a fixture for Prudential. He is an integral part of a security team protecting the safety and well being of hundreds of students as well as teachers and property. Jason has gone above and beyond in his job duties as well as becoming part of the coaching staff for the schools basketball team. Jason, thank you so much for your dedication and positive service to the school,its staff, and students! Congratulations! Keep up the great work!

Tapria Morris

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, April 2015 - Tapria MorrisPictured to the right is our April employee of the month Tapria Morris and to her left is Prudential Vice-President Gerald Collins. Tapria Morris is a supervisor at a detroit area high school. She supervises a 9 officer team. Tapria never complains and is the first to pitch in and help her staff with whatever duty needs to be done. She works after school events and puts the safety of the students and faculty first. The decision to award her with Employee of the month was made easy with her impeccable service record and her positive attitude. Congratulations Tapria we appreciate you and your hard work and dedication.

John Anderson

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, April 2015 - John AndersonPictured in center is John Anderson to his left is Prudential Security Vice President Gerald Collins and to his left is Steve Elam principal of Southeastern High. Congratulations to Mr. John Anderson for earning April Employee of the Month! Mr. Anderson is responsible for ensuring officers report for work on time and perform their duties to our customers satisfaction; a task made far more challenging when one factors in the 15 separate locations spread through out the city. Mr. Anderson must also insure all buildings are properly locked and alarmed as well as quickly respond to all locations as the need arises. Prudential management and our customer fully understood the challenging nature of the position we placed Mr. Anderson in and he has made us all proud indeed. Exceeding all expectations, Mr. Anderson is a true asset! Thank you for your dedicated service and, once again, congratulations!

March 2015

Tyler Kelly

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, March 2015 - Tyler KellyWhen the time came to make a selection for March employee of the month the decision was not a difficult on! Mr. Tyler Kelly pictured right and to his left is, our customer, Rhonda Moore.

Mr. Kelly has stood above the rest in his role as supervisor at one of our malls. Aside from performing his daily duties to perfection, he maintains a professional staff, all of whom have been trained to "go above and beyond" as our customer recently stated. Mr. Kelly is a true team player and his efforts are much appreciated and recognized by Prudential mall management.

Keep up the GREAT work Tyler and thank you for all you do. Congratulations on receiving this prestigious award.

James Moore

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, March 2015 - James MoorePictured to the right is our March Officer of the Month James Moore and to is left is our customer Lisa McDowell. Mr. Moore is the Security Supervisor at one our prestigious malls in Kansas. Mr. Moore has proven himself to be among the most reliable, trustworthy and dependable officers within the Prudential family.

The backbone of our Kansas program, Mr. Moore has been described by his customer, managers and employees alike with words such as “steadfast”, “fair”, “reliable”, “team player” and “dependable”, just to name a few. To echo your customers statement Jim, “we have complete faith in you”!

Congratulations and thank you for your years of service; we look forward to a great many more!

February 2015

Jeff Noe

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, February 2015 - Jeff NoePictured is our February employee of the month Jeff Noe. Mr. Noe oversees the Security Program for one of our most prestigious and largest Mall in the United States and has a Security Staff of over 25 Security Officers/Supervisors that report directly to him.

Jeff is a rare find in our industry where he takes 100% ownership of his account and takes full responsibility for any issues that arise and always has a solution to the problem. Jeff on behalf of the entire Prudential team, we would like to thank you for your services and let you know we know we don't say it enough, we appreciate you for everything you do. If it wasn't for employees like you, we couldn't be who we are and get to where we are.

Thank you and congratulations on being the recipient of this prestigious award. You earned it!

Dennis Bohannon

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, February 2015 - Dennis BohannonPrudential Security is proud to present it's coveted Employee of the month Award to Dennis Bohannon. ‎(pictured here with his Operation's Manager John Noblin)

"Bo" as most of his close friends call him, is one of the longest tenured employees at Prudential Security, and is currently a Supervisor at one of Prudential's Most Elite Premium Accounts. Bo is the leader of a crew, in charge of guarding precious valuable metals. Bo is in charge of the shipping and receiving of cargo trucks coming and going from the facility‎, and assuring the cargo loads are correct upon arrival and departure from the facility. The Chief Executive Operations Manager of the Facility has been quoted as saying," Bo is one of the most outstanding Security Supervisor's I have had the pleasure of dealing with in my 30+ years in this industry. With Bo in charge of my facility, I have the utmost confidence that my products are in good hands."

For all of his years of dedicated service, we at Prudential are proud to honor Bo with this award, and look forward to many more years of his exemplary service, friendship, and his continued dedication to excellence. Congratulations Bo and Thank you for your excellent work habits!

January 2015

Alicia Murray

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, January 2015 - Alicia MurrayPictured is Security Officer Alicia Murray and pictured with her left to right is Principal Mcgee, DPS Police Officer Green, EAA Security Director Darrel Hasty,Prudential Security Executive Vice President Gerald Collins, and Robert Brooks, Dean of Students.

Ms. Murray was presented with the Prudential Security's January Employee of the Month award. Security officer Murray is assigned to a local High School and while on duty on January 12 , 2015 S/O Murray noticed a suspicious student and took the initiative to approach him. With assistance from DPS, they were able to disarm the student who was attempting to enter the campus with a loaded 357 hand gun.

For her dedication,professionalism and bravery, we honor her with our prestigious award. Ms. Murray thank you for your response on January 12th. It is Officers like you that makes Prudential Security proud to call ourselves the "Leader" in the Industry. Thank you and keep up the nice work. Congratulations on receiving this prestigious reward.

Lt. Colonel Daniel Tippitt

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, January 2015 - Lt. Colonel Daniel TippittPictured is Lt. Colonel Daniel Tippitt who is being honored as Prudential Security's Employee of the Month for January. He has been an outstanding armed supervisor for Prudential Security for over 5 +years, and has supervised 100's of officers on almost all of Prudential's elite accounts. Dan has received numerous accommodations and accolades during his tenure here at Prudential Security. According to one of Prudential's affluent multi-family residential community managers," Lt. Colonel Tippitt has the utmost integrity, passion and caring for the residents in my community and is the most professional Officer I have ever worked with in my numerous years of managing multi-family Community Housing."

Prudential Security is proud to present to Lt. Col. Tippitt, the coveted Employee of the Month Award. We at Prudential present this award in honor of Dan's work ethic, appearance, professionalism, and for his continuance of doing "whatever it takes" to assure Customer Satisfaction for Prudential Security Clients. Congratulations Dan and thank you for your services.

Monica Savage

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, January 2015 - Monica SavagePictured to the right is our January Employee of the Month Monica Savage and to her left is her Account Manager Kentrel Boyd. Monica has worked with tireless effort as a Security Officer for over 17 years now. She has not only faced the obstacles in life that most of us do, but she capitalizes on them by not giving up. Monica, a mother of three children, has done what ever was necessary to go to work despite the lack of child care and transportation over the years to become the success story she is today. Whenever she has been asked to do a task, she does it with the willingness it takes for her to achieve this honor.

These are her own words regarding what it takes to win:

"I've been working in the new center one area for over 17 years. I love my job! Being a security officer!! I enjoy helping people and working with the public and being a hard and dedicated worker to Prudential Security! I love helping customers, working with the public and defusing bad situations."

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