December 2016

Lionel Pinkston

Prudential Security December 2016 Employee of the Month Lionel PinkstonPrudential Security is proud to congratulate Lionel Pinkston as one of Prudential Security's December 2016 Employees of the Month.

Mr. Pinkston Supervises one of Prudential's many premier multi-family Housing ‎Communities. He is charge of a staff of officers whom patrol the community which houses retirees as well as family dwellings. Although Lionel has only been with Prudential for about a year and a half, his dedication to his work and the families in the communities, elevated him quickly to a position of Site Supervisor. One of the complex managers was quoted as saying "Mr. Pinkston brings a strong sense of security and safety to our community, and goes above and beyond to help people in whatever way he can and the residents love him here." Congratulations Lionel on receiving this prestigious award, and we hope you continue to prosper and grow with your family here at Prudential Security.

Joseph Gerstler

Prudential Security December 2016 Employee of the Month Joseph GerstlerPrudential Security is proud to present Joseph Gerstler with its December Employee of the Month‎ Award. Joseph has been employed with Prudential for over 3 years. He oversees security at one of the numerous scrapping facilities contracted with Prudential Security. Joe is charge of a staff and assures the correct weighs and measures of all over the road driver's loads entering and leaving the facility. One facility manager was quoted as saying," Officer Gerstler is one of the finest officers I've ever known. His dedication to detail assures all of our loads are dead spot on!" For continued years of service and doing whatever it takes to assure customer excellence, we are proud to bestow Joseph Gerstler with the December Employee of the Month Award.

Fred Moncrief

Prudential Security December 2016 Employee of the Month Fred MoncriefPictured left is Supervisor Fred Moncrief who is a 14 yr employee of Prudential Security Supervisor Moncrief is assigned to a Multi-Family community in Detroit. In his 14 years of employment Fred has many years of perfect attendance.

In 2016, Fred missed one scheduled shift due to illness. He has shown time and time again his passion and commitment towards Prudential and the senior community who he has serviced the past 7 years. His willingness to carry out his duties day in and day out set the standard for security officers under his watch.

We at Prudential salute Fred Moncrief for his hard work and dedication as employee of the month for December 2016. Congratulations Fred we appreciate you and your hard work and dedication!

Waad Muhammad

December 2016 Employee of the Month Waad Muhammad Pictured left to right is Prudential Operation Manager Gerald Collins and Employee of the Month for December 2016 Waad Muhammad. Mr. Muhammad is assigned to one of Prudential's most prestigious accounts. Mr. Muhammad is a dedicated security professional and committed to both the customer and Prudential Security. Mr. Muhammad has been employed with Prudential Security for nearly two years and has an impeccable attendance record, equally outstanding is his performance. Thank you Mr. Muhammad for your hard work and dedication.

Steven Pierce

December 2016 Employee of the Month Steven PierceIndiana December Employee of the Month goes to Steven Pierce.   Pictured left to right is Jonathan Addler,  Loss Prevention Supervisor, Steven Pierce, Security Site Supervisor, and Douglas Smith.  Steven has been extremely instrumental in hiring/training an extra 336 hours for peak season at a retail group in Greencastle, IN.  Steve handled the interviews, all new hire paperwork, drug testing, fingerprinting, training and scheduling for the additional two 24-hour posts.  Steve’s due diligence with this enormous task was extremely successful and the peak coverage went on without a hitch.  With that being said, the following comments from Jonathan Addler, Loss Prevention Supervisor are demonstrative of Steve's hard work and dedication: 

"I have known Steve for 3 years and I can say that the way Steve manages now while under the guidance of Prudential Security is an unbelievable improvement from when he worked for the previous security company. Steve has been great support to me during this peak season.  I never have to ask Steve twice for anything, he always checks in to see if we have any complaints with his guards or anything we need from him. Steve has given me insight when needed to help us plan door guard coverage, plan training for the door guards, help with our peak parking plan, kept overtime to a minimum even when staff quit unexpectedly or I changed the schedule on him. Steve puts in extra hours to make sure that we are happy and stays late to ensure everything is in order at the truck gate.  In fact, twice we have not been able to locate trucks - thanks to contract truck drivers - and twice Steve was the one that was able to find them.  Steve keeps his staff up to date on and ensures they are following proper procedures for checking in trucks/trailers. I do not have to worry about what happens at the truck gate because I know Steve has taken care of everything. I just wanted to call this out and let you know how much I appreciate what Steve does for us on a daily basis. He is much deserving of recognition for all his hard work." 

Steve, Congratulations on a job well done. We appreciate you and your efforts.

Andrea Lee

Pictured is Captain Williams, Sgt. Perry, Andrea lee, Principal Willis. Andrea Lee has been named officer of the month for December 2016 at our Chicago office. Officer Lee cares about the security duties she performs at a south Chicago school district that Prudential Secures. She cares deeply not only for the site where she performs her duties, but also cares deeply for her fellow officers. She has repeatedly demonstrated that she is one of the "go to" people for whatever is needed, and is always professional. Officer Lee has been working at this site for over 5 years and has taken the initiative to start the birthday club, along with planning holiday parties and other events to galvanize camaraderie amongst the staff. Keep up the good work Officer Lee and congratulations on receiving this prestigious award.

November 2016

Spencer Johnson

Prudential Security November 2016 Employee of the Month Spencer JohnsonPictured is Spencer Johnson who has been employed with Prudential Security for over 3 years. He has been assigned to a Thrift Store for just over one year. He is pictured with Lynor the thrift store general manager. Lynor contacted Prudential to let us know what we already knew - that Spencer doesn't need to be asked what to do. He sees what's needed and just goes and does it. He's a part of their team and helps out in anyway that he can. This is Spencer's second time being awarded the November 2016 Employee of the Month award. Congratulations Spencer and thank you for everything you do.

Tim Graves

Prudential Security November 2016 Employee of the Month Tim GravesSometimes things seem easy and that isn't by luck or chance. Tim Graves, November 2016 Employee of the Month, is one employee who makes it look easy. Retired from the automotive industry, Mr. Graves has brought his work ethic and professionalism to Prudential Security.

Mr. Graves is responsible for opening and closing his facility 5 days a week and has done so flawlessly. Our client and the employees have told us countless times of his presence and willingness to assist whenever possible.

While retired and juggling family life issues, Mr. Graves has always kept Prudential Security and the customer a top priority. We thank you!

October 2016

Scott Lauters

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for October, 2016 - Scott LautersPictured center is Scott Lauters, our Employee of the Month for October, to the right is our customer Brad Simonsson, and far left is our Security Director Rodney Davis. Scott has a mission-accomplished drive in him that he puts second only to his wife. He has readily accepted open shifts due to officers being out on medical leave or extended training. Recently Scott gave up a regularly scheduled shift in order to allow an officer to be able to continue to work at the mall due to a shift change at the Police Department so his fellow officer could earn a little extra money that day. Scott has also volunteered to come in very early (0500) to cover special opening events at the mall after being at the mall late at night in preparation of the early morning events.

Scott readily accepts events or shifts that no one else will cover due to their personal commitments, but Scott’s dedication to support the mission of the mall is the driving force behind his always being available to work. Scott says beyond his wife, he is committed to supporting the mall at every opportunity, and his readiness to accept unscheduled shifts proves his commitment. On the other hand, though, Scott will wait to accept an open post until he is sure that none of his fellow officers want to accept the shift to ensure everyone is getting the opportunity to earn extra money. It is quite evident that Scott’s police and military background has ingrained in his personality the desire and drive to step up and support the mall’s mission thereby volunteering for open posts whenever possible. Scott is an asset to Prudential Security and we are lucky to have him on our Team! Congratulations Scott on receiving this prestigious award and keep up the good work.

Linda Robinson

October Employee of the Month for October, 2016 - Linda RobinsonOur Employee of the Month Chicago is Sergeant Linda Robinson. Ms. Robinson as worked in a school district Prudential Secures for over 18 years. Over the years she has consistently demonstrated all of the qualities of a dedicated officer. She has extremely high verbal skills and the ability to calm angry or frustrated students that we are told is unparalleled. It is because of her experience in deescalation that her Captain, Captain Williams, repeatedly requests that she train all new employees. She is also a great multitask-er. Sergeant Robinson never calls off unless there is a REAL emergency, which is rare and she is always willing to assist. Her dedication was recognized five years ago when she was promoted to her current rank and she always fulfills her work assignments as sergeant. She also frequently receives unsolicited praises from staff commending her work performance. Sergeant Robinson is truly a hard working security professional and Prudential Security is proud to have her on our team. Way to go Sarge!!

July 2016

Anthony Jones

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for July, 2016 - Anthony JonesPictured right is Anthony Jones receiving Employee of Month award for July. Mr. Jones started out at a high rise office building, then when one of the tenants moved they insisted on bringing Anthony with them. This past month there was a training session in which different law enforcement agencies participated in. One of the lieutenants for the police department took the time out of his day to send us an email stating how well informed, polite and attentive Security Officer Jones was. Anthony has always gone above and beyond what is asked and what is required! That is exactly why he is requested wherever he goes. Thank you for all that you do Anthony, you are very much appreciated!

Mirabella Fernandez

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for July, 2016 - Mirabella FernandezPrudential Security is proud to present Security Officer Mirabella Fernandez with a July Employee of the Month award. Pictured is Officer Fernandez who works out of our Chicago office and is pictured with our customer contact Principal Lim.

Officer Fernandez works at the school and is the main reason the client has increased our hours at the school. Officer Fernandez is always going over and above! She assisted with decorating for the prom, graduation commencements, and anything else she has been asked to doj. She has become a major factor at the school and she shows good decision making skills each and every day. She is an excellent professional with a perfect work attendance record. Officer Fernandez is now working at another Chicago area school and after only several days, has made an impression with her professional conduct. Thank you Mirabella keep up the great work!

Siobahn Washington

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for July, 2016 - Siobahn WashingtonPrudential Security is proud to award site supervisor Siobahn Washington with Prudential's Employee of The Month Award. She is pictured on the left with John Noblin her Operations Manager. Ms. Washington supervises security for one of Prudential's many prestigious industrial complex clients. She has also worked in Prudential Security's command center as a command center operator, and frequently fills in when needed. Siobahn oversees not only her crew, but also Directs a crew at another near by location. She assures that Customers get the quality of Service they are accustomed to from Prudential Security.

Siobahn started her Prudential career as most supervisors, on the ground floor as an officer assigned to a post. During her 2 year tenure, she has shown she can do "whatever it takes" to go above and beyond to carry on Prudential's tradition and creed. We at Prudential applaud her efforts, and look forward to her continued growth with the company‎ in the future. Congratulations Siobahn for being Prudential's July 2016 Employee of the Month and keep up the great work!‎

Bob King

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for July, 2016 - Bob KingIt is with great honor that we award Bob King from our Greenville, South Carolina branch as our Security Officer of the Month for July 2016.

On July 18th, 2016, Mr. Bob King got a report that there may be a jumper on top of the Church Street parking garage. Bob went outside with the employee from Shell Point that reported the incident/concern.

Bob saw the man go to the edge of the wall on the fourth level and put one leg over the side, then pull his leg back and walk away. About three minutes later, the man came back and this time he sat on the wall with both legs over the side while looking down to the ground. Again, he pulled legs back over the wall and walked away from the edge. Bob called 911 to report his observation and was told there will be a police officer coming to check it out.

The police officer arrived and found a young man who was having suicidal thoughts and was thinking about jumping. He discovered that he was distraught because his grandfather had passed away the week before. Because of officer Bob King's actions in handling the situation correctly by patiently waiting on the police to arrive, while at the same time communicating with the individual, it prevented this man from jumping and saved him from severe injury or death. Mr. King that you for your courageous efforts and congratulations on earning Prudential Security's Officer of the Month. We appreciate you!

May 2016

Jansen Haynes

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for June, 2016 - Jansen HaynesPrudential Security May Employee of the Month Award goes to Jansen Haynes. Jansen is the area manager for Prudential Security's Toledo, Ohio area. He is in charge of some of Prudential Security's most prestigious accounts in the manufacturing and residential fields. Jansen is a consummate ‎professional and assures that all of Prudential's valued clients and business partners needs and requirements are taken care of at all times. Jansen has been highly praised by all of the clients in the Toledo, Ohio area for going above and beyond their expectations. Thank you Jansen for your continued service and leadership qualities and for providing outstanding services. Congratulations on receiving the Employee of the Month award. Keep up the good work.

April 2016

Anthony Lloyd

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for June, 2016 - Anthony LloydPictured is April employee of the month Anthony Lloyd and Prudential's operations manager Rob Robinson. Officer Lloyd comes to Prudential after retiring from the school district where he thrived and said that in his 30 years of employment he never missed any days, and so far while here at Prudential, Mr. Lloyd continues that same track record as he's never missed a day for us. Anthony rarely turns down an assignment and when at work he gives 100% to both Prudential and our client. For these reasons, Anthony has received Employee of the Month award. Anthony in his spare time is also very active in his church and drives the church bus every Sunday to pick up those without transportation to insure they get to service and safely gets them home. Anthony, thank you for your 30 Years of service to the public school system and congratulations on receiving this prestigious award.

Denise Johnson

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for June, 2016 - Denise JohnsonPictured below is Officer Denise Johnson who is the area supervisor for many of our Ann Arbor area accounts. During her tenure with Prudential, Officer Johnson has several times gone above and beyond her duties covering any post at any time, never complaining and works closely with our customers to insure their property and staff are protected. She has established a good working relationship with her fellow employees on her site and is known for and enjoys cooking in her spare time. Often times, she will cook and bring in food to share with her fellow officers and its not uncommon on a Saturday to see Denise in the office bringing her Manager Rob Robinson food. When asked why she drives 50 plus miles to do this she said "He doesn't eat right and needs to take care of himself."

Denise was just recently promoted to our alarm division in the capacity of security consultant. If the success she enjoyed at Prudential is any indication of her future on the alarm side, we have no doubt that she is a "Superstar" in the making. Denise, thank you for your hard work and dedication and congratulations on receiving the employee of the month award. Good luck at Prudential Alarm.

Dorothy Taylor and Kimberly Simmons

Prudential Security Co-employees of the Month for April, 2016 - Dorothy Taylor & Kimberly SimmonsCo-employees of the month for our Chicago office and pictured here are dispatcher Dorothy Taylor and supervisor Kimberly Simmons with Prudential's representative Kerry Koepp and our client's Management team. Taylor and Simmons were key in the spearheading of the random antiterrorism, and Park, Walk, and Talk programs at an account we service in the Chicago area. The efforts of these two have not gone unnoticed. They have given extreme support & direction to other officers, and their dedication to ensuring a safe area for residents and visitors is top notch . Congratulations to both Ms. Simmons and Ms. Taylor. Thank you for you efforts and dedication to Prudential Security and to our valued client.

March 2016

Darryl Webster

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for March, 2016 - Darryl WebsterPictured left to right is Prudential Operations Manager Gerald Collins, our March Employee of the Month Darryl Webster, and acting principal Steven McGee.

Daryl Webster has been with employed with Prudential Security since 2012 and in that period of time he has demonstrated great leadership skills and has always put the safety of students as his main priority. Mr. Webster worked 3 years for Prudential at a local high school before he took on his current assignment at an academy school working with children in the K-8 grades.

As one staff member put it, "He's everywhere, is always alert, and does a fantastic job.” Mr. Webster, thank you for dedication and commitment! Congratulations on being Employee of the Month for March, 2016.

Baiwon Cardin

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for March, 2016 - Baiwon CardinPictured left to right is Supervisor Gerald Collins, our March Employee of the Month Baiwon Cardin, and Principal Helms of Henry Ford High School.

Mr. Cardin has been an outstanding employee who's always on time and rarely if ever misses time a shift. Mr. Cardin joined Prudential after serving 15 years in the United States Army.

He started off as a security officer and is currently the supervisor assigned to Henry Ford High School. Our client values his consistent day in and day out commitment to the safety of the students and faculty, and we as well value his dedication and commitment. Congratulations on receiving this prestigious award.

Joshua Collins

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for March, 2016 - Joshua CollinsPictured left to right is account manager and Employee of the Month for March Joshua Collins and his Operations Manager Gerald Collins.

Since Joshua Collins' promotion to account manager at one of our most prestigious accounts, Joshua has proven to be an outstanding leader and is well received by his fellow officers. He insures client satisfaction, insures the tenants in the building are protected, and that their assets are secure.

Joshua comes to Prudential after serving a distinguished career in the military; retiring from United States Air Force after 20 years.

Joshua is always professional and pleasant to work with. For these and many other reasons, Joshua Collins is our Employee of the Month March 2016. Congratulations!

February 2016

Dennis Stone

Prudential Security Employee of the Month for Feburary, 2016 - Dennis Stone Prudential Security is proud to present our coveted Employee of the Month award for February, 2016 to Dennis Stone. Dennis is currently an Area Manager for his Operation's Manager John Noblin. Dennis began his career as an armed Supervisor merely 5 years ago, and has risen through the ranks to become Mr. Noblin's immediate Utility person who can handle any task that John throws his way. Dennis has shown the capability to handle all tasks from uniformed armed, undercover armed personal protection, customer relations, covering posts, you name it, and he handles it. He does "What ever it takes" as is the motto of Prudential Security.

Dennis proves to always go above and beyond, and handle every situation given to him, with the utmost integrity and professionalism that Prudential expects from their employees. Because of his continued years of dedication and excellence for customer service, it is our honor to bestow Dennis with the February Employee of the Month Award. Congratulations Dennis keep up the Great Effort.

Jeff Noe

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, February 2016 - Jeff NoePictured left to right: Chas Miller, Peter Light, February employee of the month Jeff Noe, and Prudential's own Joe Todaro. Jeff is the Security Director at one of our most prestigious accounts running a security program consisting of 23 officers. Over the 3 years Jeff has been with Prudential he has consistently maintained one of the lowest turnover ratios in our company. Jeff's ability to motivate his team and constantly improve the security program has earned him this award. Jeff is one of the first managers to recommend one of his officers for this award and has gone above and beyond the call of duty. His care and concern for the recognition of his team, as well as his selflessness, is unparalleled. We thank him for his years of service and look forward to the years to come.

January 2016

Peter Kriz

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, January 2016 - Peter KrizPictured on the right is our January Security Officer of the month Peter Kriz, and on the left is his Supervisor Michael Rogers. Mr Kriz is an integral part of our Greenville, South Carolina team. Peter moved from California to the Greenville area after retiring from the manufacturing and engineering sector. Since retiring, Security Officer Kriz has started a new career in the security field. Peter works in a prestigious Class A building in the heart of downtown Greenville. Below are the events that occurred which lead to Mr. Kriz receiving this prestigious award:

On February 19, 2016 at about 6 PM, a cleaning lady turned in a wallet that was found in the parking garage to Security Officer Peter Kriz. Security Officer Kriz was working his assigned 3pm to 11pm shift. Upon receiving the wallet, Security Officer Kriz noticed approximately $1200.00 in cash as well as several credit cards and State issued identifications. Without hesitation, Security Officer Kriz began the task of locating the owner. He found a business card in the wallet and placed a phone call to inform the owner he had his wallet safe and secure. Officer Kriz was only able to leave a message at this time. Security Officer Kriz followed his procedures for found properties, logged the wallet into his daily report, and notified his supervisor Mark Davis. Mr. Davis took possession and secured the wallet and it's contents. The following day the owner of the wallet returned Security Officer Kriz's phone call. Officer Kriz informed him that he had secured the wallet with his Supervisor and gave him Mark's number. Upon meeting with our supervisor Mark Davis, the owner of the wallet expressed his gratefulness and stated that it's good to know that there are still honest people out there. Peter, it is with great pleasure that we present this award to you. Thank you for your honesty and integrity, and we are proud to have you on our team.

Marquis Ballard

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, January 2016 - Marquis BallardIn the words of one of our valued clients:

I want to take a moment to nominate Mr. Marquis Ballard as Prudential Security’s employee of the month. As you are aware, Mr. Ballard goes above and beyond that of a typical security officer. He will stay over his normal shift (sometimes a bit too long) in order to make sure the shifts are covered at Federal-Mogul. Recently, Mr. Ballard has further proven his worth by writing the security manual for the Federal-Mogul World Headquarters location. This was not an easy project. In fact, other security officers have tried and failed where Mr. Ballard has been successful.

Lastly, I asked that Mr. Ballard review compiled video from a covert camera that was installed to see if anything was being stolen from a storage safe. During his review, Mr. Ballard identified a suspect stealing precious metals from a safe. This is being investigated further but we believe that because of Mr. Ballard’s efforts, the suspect will be prosecuted. Mr. Ballard could have easily not watched hours of basically dull and boring video. However, Mr. Ballard did the job right and he did it well.

Prudential Security is fortunate to have an officer like Mr. Ballard working for them. I believe Mr. Ballard is a valuable asset to your company and he should be recognized.

Brittany Johnson

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, January 2016 - Brittnay JohnsonPrudential Security is proud to present one of our coveted Employee of the Month awards to Brittany Johnson. Brittany ‎has quickly risen in her career here at Prudential. She is currently a Site Manager in charge of a team of officers at one of our Premier Associated Living Facilities in the city. Brittany assures that the community is 100 percent safe and secure. Anyone wishing to gain access is first identified, then the resident is contacted, and finally the visitors are properly logged before allowing them to enter the Community. She also is in charge of logging any mail or packages for the residents of the community, and assuring proper delivery of the items to all of the residents.

One of the owners in the community stated that, I feel our community is in good hands with Brittany. She is always so pleasant, friendly, and extremely professional. It is Great having her here. According to her Operations Manager John Noblin, Brittany is fast becoming one of his most reliable Supervisors. He anticipates a bright future for her at Prudential, as she is always ready for a new exciting and challenging experience.

For outstanding achievement and service, it is our pleasure to honor Brittany Johnson as Prudential's Employee of the Month for December 2015, Congratulations Brittany.‎ we appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Tim Roman

Prudential Security Employee of the Month, January 2016 - Tim RomanPrudential Security is proud to recognize ‎Tim Roman as one of the candidates for our Employee of The Month Award. Tim pictured here currently works at one of Prudential's Premiere Outlet facilities. He is responsible for providing a safe environment for retail consumers that visit the facility, as well as providing the merchants that work there a safe environment for their stores and shops. Tim is a very versatile officer, and has worked a variety of locations in his two year tenure at Prudential Security.

According to his Operations Manager John Noblin, Tim is one of my most important Utility Officers. He is ready to go with out a moments notice, and every assignment he handles with the utmost professionalism as expected of Prudential Security Officers. At Every account I have ever sent him, I get back rave reviews, Clients love him. He definitely goes above and beyond with every assignment tasked to him. I appreciate everything he does for me‎, he is a great asset to have available.

For his dedication to excellence, and providing outstanding service for clients and patrons, it is our honor to award Tim Roman with the Prudential Security Employee of The Month Award.‎ Congratulations Tim.

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