Prudential Security Officer Venita Moses Prevents Chicago High School Massacre


On November 6th, 2015 in a High School on Chicago's south side, Prudential Security officer Venita Moses' training, experience and wits came into action. After school had started, a young man entered the High School with a loaded .38 handgun with the intent to do harm. Officer Moses noticed the young man in the very busy high school and sprung into action. She immediately apprehended the male individual. Officer Moses' training includes situations like this one and she knew exactly what to do. “I took him down,” said Moses. After apprehending this individual, she used her radio to call for support, notify the police, and kept the man secure until police arrived to take put him under arrest. Because of her diligence, observance, and training, she potentially saved a lot of lives and averted a catastrophe. It is with great pleasure that Prudential Security presents Officer Venita Moses with the Officer of the Year award along with a Large bonus check. Venita you are an inspiration and a model Officer, you are a shining example of what dedication and proper training are all about. Thank you and Congratulations!!!

Prudential Security Officer of the Year Venita Moses

Pictured from Left to Right:
Dean Morgan, Mr. Butler, Board of Education, Captain Williams, Principal Walton, Officer Venita Moses, Jake Graham Prudential Chicago, Nina Graham, Board of Education, Dr. Swopes, Superintendent of Schools


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Prudential Security Above and Beyond Award 2015 - Aramis Smith


Aramis Smith is pictured left with Prudential Security Vice-President Joe Todaro on the right.  Aramis has been an integral part of the Prudential Security team in Miami.  Aramis started off in a Security officer position and its been a privilege and pleasure to watch Aramis grow professionally.  Aramis took the position of operations manager on an interim basis and proved himself worthy of the position which he now permanently holds.  He has drastically improved the security team and continues to do so with his experience. His ability to handle chaotic situations with in a calm and professional manner is bar-none, including a most recent situation with a car fire. We look forward to his continued tenure and as a token of our appreciation, we are awarding him with our Above and Beyond award. Congratulations Aramis on receiving this prestigious award and thank you for being part of the Prudential family!

Aramis Smith on left with Prudential Security Vice-President Joe Todaro

Aramis Smith on left with Prudential Security Vice-President Joe Todaro

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Prudential Security Outstanding Performer 2015 - Brian Kritcher


Pictured on the right is Brian Kritcher and on the left is Brian's immediate supervisor Diane Banks. Brian has been a member of the Prudential Family for over four years.  During that short period of time, Brian has served us in multiple positions at three different sites, and was promoted twice within his first year.  Brian has proven himself to be a dedicated employee, willing to work when others won’t, doing whatever it takes to ensure our clients receive the security coverage they need.   For the past two years Brian has served as the Security Manager at one of our premium accounts    Brian took on this challenging role with gusto, quickly re-training the Security Team to improve performance for the client.  Brian made an immediate and positive impression with the client, and together they have been reviewing and revising the Post Orders to further improve performance of the Security Team.  It is with great pride that we nominate Brian Kritcher as an Outstanding Performer for 2015, and congratulate him on a job well done!

Prudential Security Outstanding Performer 2015 - Brian Kritcher, with supervisor Diane Banks

Prudential Security Outstanding Performer 2015 - Brian Kritcher, with supervisor Diane Banks

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Prudential On Duty Keeping Detroit Safe for America's Thanksgiving Parade!


Tomorrow morning, the city of Detroit is once again featured in the national spotlight with the "America's Thanksgiving Parade". This event is one of the country’s largest and most spectacular parades in the United States! Every November something magical happens on Detroit’s historical Woodward Avenue, a holiday tradition that dates back to 1924. Since then, 88 celebrations of sparkles and magic have captured the imaginations of millions of children and their families.

Over 400 Prudential Security Inc. officers will be executing the entire security detail for this nationally celebrated parade. While hundreds of thousands of parade-goers will be watching as the parade makes its way down Woodward Avenue, Prudential Security will be assuring the safety and organization that is imperative for an event of this magnitude. The parade goes live on TV at 10 a.m. on WDIV local 4!


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Prudential Security Recognizes Service Above and Beyond - Venita Mosis


On November 6th, at a school on Chicago's South Side, Officer Venita Moses apprehended a student who brought a loaded handgun to the school. Officer Moses acknowledges through training and a diligent eye was this possible. The student was apprehended and no one was hurt. It takes courage and caring for this to happen. On behalf of the entire Prudential Team we honor and Thank officer Moses for service above and beyond the call of duty for her fine work and protecting human life.  Pictured from left to right: Ms Vaughn, Jake Graham, Officer Venita Moses, Assistant Principal Valant, and Dean Morgan.

Venita Moses Service Above and Beyond award: Ms Vaughn, Jake Graham, Officer Venita Moses, Assistant Principal Valant, and Dean Morgan.

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Prudential Security Guards the Macy's Oakland Fireworks Spectacular


Macy's Oakland Fireworks Spectacular signals the start of the Holiday Season and Prudential Security was there to keep things safe and fun!  The annual fireworks display was held just outside of the Macy's entrance in the north parking lot, as well as a mini parade with Santa's arrival. Photo ops with Santa were also available. Attendees also enjoyed live music, exciting entertainment, balloon art and more.

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