G4S Security Company Fails to Screen Orlando Shooter Omar Marteen as a Potential Terrorist


Omar Mateen, Orlando Shooter slips through the cracks at GS4 SecurityG4S, billed as a International Security Contractor, head quartered in London, England provides Security to many U.S Government Agencies and many companies in the Private Sector.  They failed to recognize "Terrorist" Omar Mateen as a  threat to our Country who took the lives of many Americans and wounded many others in Orlando even though they were warned by former employee Daniel Gilroy, who has stated the following:  

Gilroy, age 44 former Fort Pierce Police Officer, states he quit G4S because Mateen kept threatening him, texting 30 times a day, phone calls, threatening his wife and family also told Fox news that he had raised numerous concerns with his supervisor about his dangerous behavior. He and Mateen had worked as security guards at the same South Florida resort and Gilroy stated that Mateen, used "horrible words" at the sight of women and blacks and was in a constant state of "anger and rage".  "The company wouldn't do anything" about his concerns Gilroy stated "This guy was unhinged and unstable; he talked about killing people" and because of these issues with Mateen, Mr. Gilroy quit his employment.

In hearing these comments from a former employee of G4S who once was a Police Officer, we could only think that sometimes going with "Bigger" is not "Better". At Prudential Security,  we pride ourselves on growing to a size where we can manage our employees and address every concern our employees have so no "employees slip thru the cracks" We are saddened by the events in Orlando and pray for all the victims and their families.

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