Prudential Security Above and Beyond Award - Security Officers Ezra Haponek and Parker Terwell


In the first photo we have Security Officer Ezra Haponek and in the second is Security Officer Parker Terwell. Both are receiving the Prudential Security Above & Beyond award. Together, they made a quick decision to help a pregnant lady that was getting assaulted in the parking lot. A male suspect was assaulting and punching a pregnant lady in the face and in the stomach. Both officers ordered the suspect to stop his assault. He immediately jumped in his car and drove away. The Security officers got the license plate number of the vehicle he was driving, called 911 immediately, and attended to the woman until emergency help arrived. Both Officers Terwell and Haponek were instrumental in protecting this victim and her unborn baby from further assault. On behalf of the entire Prudential Security organization, our client, and all parties involved, we want to thank you for your heroic act.

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