Prudential Security Officer Saves a Life While on Patrol


Pictured is Officer James Brooks receiving the Above & Beyond Award for saving a life while on routine patrol at the account he is assigned to.  The events that led up to receiving this prestigious award are as follows:  At approximately 2:50 am, a vehicle was traveling southbound on the Southfield Service Drive, near our client’s facility, in a slow, yet erratic manner.  Security Officer James Brooks maintained a visual on the camera system of the vehicle until it proceeded past his location.  The vehicle continued south, crossing over Fullerton Street and without braking drove off the road and onto the railroad tracks and became stuck.  Security Officer Brooks then radioed the officer and advised him of the situation.

The other officer arrived on the scene and, with the assistance of a truck driver leaving the facility, proceeded to assess the situation.  He noted that the vehicle was in neutral and the driver was unconscious with his foot depressing the gas pedal and revving the motor.  Detroit Fire/EMS was called.  A short time later, units from DFD, EMS, and DPD arrived.  The unknown male driver was transported by EMS to a local hospital for treatment.  His vehicle was removed by a friend who was contacted by the police.

At approximately 6:45 am, a unit from DPD arrived on site and informed Security Officer Green that the driver had suffered an unknown medical emergency and that without the reaction from security would have likely succumbed to either the record cold temperatures or the carbon monoxide that had filled the vehicle.  Congratulations Mr. Brooks on receiving this award.  We appreciate your service.

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