Prudential Security Officer Venita Moses Prevents Chicago High School Massacre


On November 6th, 2015 in a High School on Chicago's south side, Prudential Security officer Venita Moses' training, experience and wits came into action. After school had started, a young man entered the High School with a loaded .38 handgun with the intent to do harm. Officer Moses noticed the young man in the very busy high school and sprung into action. She immediately apprehended the male individual. Officer Moses' training includes situations like this one and she knew exactly what to do. “I took him down,” said Moses. After apprehending this individual, she used her radio to call for support, notify the police, and kept the man secure until police arrived to take put him under arrest. Because of her diligence, observance, and training, she potentially saved a lot of lives and averted a catastrophe. It is with great pleasure that Prudential Security presents Officer Venita Moses with the Officer of the Year award along with a Large bonus check. Venita you are an inspiration and a model Officer, you are a shining example of what dedication and proper training are all about. Thank you and Congratulations!!!

Prudential Security Officer of the Year Venita Moses

Pictured from Left to Right:
Dean Morgan, Mr. Butler, Board of Education, Captain Williams, Principal Walton, Officer Venita Moses, Jake Graham Prudential Chicago, Nina Graham, Board of Education, Dr. Swopes, Superintendent of Schools

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