Cost Efficiency

Wearhouse securityIn today’s competitive world of manufacturing, it is imperative to utilize a security budget as wisely as possible. By using a combination of electronic monitoring, and guard service we have been able to execute extremely cost efficient security programs for our clients.


Security patrol in industrial parkServing one of the nation’s largest steel producers, we were able to implement a program that insures the security of this massive facility. By controlling ingress and egress at all points of entry, we are able to keep complete logs of vendors, employees, trucks, and visitors. Maintaining a breach free perimeter has been essential in loss prevention at these large industrial complexes. Besides security, we are able to work with our clients to maintain the highest safety standards possible. Through rigorous training and incentive programs we partner with our clients to bring accident/injury rates to all-time lows. When safe practices are adhered to on a daily basis, everyone wins. Fire and EMT services are often provided to our clients at these large industrial complexes. As proud members of The Michigan Manufacturers Association, we are deeply involved with the organization and its activities. We have an ear for the unique security requirements of industrial facilities


Our experienced Security Consultants will provide you with an honest evaluation of your current security situation and suggest the best options to meet your needs.

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