Hospitals and Urgent Care

Prudential security officer guarding emergency room entrancePrudential has serviced one of the nation’s largest dialysis facilities for many years. Our commitment to the safety of the patients and general well-being of the facilities has enabled us to attain additional clients in the heath fields through referrals. The attention to detail and compassion for the patients have proven to be a successful combination. Given the usual 24 hour operation of medical facilities, our operations managers are able to staff the site with the precise officer for the assignment.


Prudential security vehicle on office building patrolServing some of the most prestigious landmarks around the country, Prudential has partnered with the leading commercial property managers to implement cost effective security guard solutions. Our blazer style concierge officers interact with the public as a seamless extension of your organization.
State of the art command and communications are a major component in providing complete security programs for large high rise office buildings. Our experience has shown that a combination hospitality and security diligence is needed in this professional atmosphere.

“Prudential has been our global security provider in over 30 facilities across the country for nearly 10 years; always professional and handle our incidents problem free. I would recommend their services to any company looking for a security company a cut above the rest.”

- John Line (Vice-president Farbman Group)


Our experienced Security Consultants will provide you with an honest evaluation of your current security situation and suggest the best options to meet your needs.

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