Multi-Family / Senior / Assisted Living

Prudential security officer guarding multi-family housingPrudential has been successfully working with the area’s largest multi-family property managers for years. Our approach of involving the residents in solving existing problems and becoming proactive has had wide spread success. We have found that by holding community meetings and recruiting tenants to partner with us on security issues, a sense of pride is instilled at these properties. Our track record of maintaining tenant friendly security programs in the multi-family communities we serve is impeccable. Prudential is a proud member of many housing related organizations. Our involvement with these groups allows us to better understand all the issues that concern property managers today. Armed with this knowledge, we are constantly improving our services to provide the safest and most secure environments in multi-family communities.

Prudential security guard on residential dutyThe extensive operations experience our management team possesses in partnering with property managers has proved invaluable. Many of the security issues these communities experience are unique to this field. We have worked hand in hand with property managers over the years to solve many of these site specific issues. By using a combination of high visibility in key areas, to undercover operations, we have earned a stellar reputation of achieving safe, family friendly communities. Over the years it has been apparent, that when crime rates go up, occupancy go down. Prudential has worked diligently with our property managers to curb vehicle theft and break in, residence break in, drug activity, and crowd gathering. Maintaining a safe community is essential to a properties bottom line.

A facility with primarily senior citizens is faced with its own site specific issues. We have found that by maintaining an extremely low turnover rate in these facilities, the residents are able to form a relationship, and bond of trust with the officers. Protecting the residents and restricting access to those with no business in the facility are instrumental in the security programs at these facilities. Giving the residents, and their families, the assurance that safety and welfare are job #1, has given Prudential great success with senior communities.


Our experienced Security Consultants will provide you with an honest evaluation of your current security situation and suggest the best options to meet your needs.

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